Saturday, June 16, 2012

6/16/12 Report - Clay Pipes, Found Stash & Increased Seas

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First off, James F. wanted to express his gratitude to those who identified the makers mark on his bronzze strap and ring.  He didn't think he'd ever figure it out.

It looks like James might be on to a good site.  It was all because of good research. 

Whether you hunt on land or in the water, you might find something like this floating water proof cell phone case to be a handy addition.

Even land hunters can get caught in a sudden downpour.

A homeless man found a bag full of cash and gold coins worth $77,000 while washing his feet in the Colorado River. The money was confiscated by the police but after no evidence of a crime was found and the previous owner was not located,  the homeless man was awarded the money.

Here is the link.

Here is the bowl of a clay pipe found by Jorge Y. while diving off Gibraltar.  He wondered if anyone might be able to narrow down the date for it.

As you know, while this particular pipe was found overseas, clay pipes are occasionally found in Florida, and some in connection with shipwrecks.

I found two good web sites on clay pipes, one of which gives a number of ways of narrowing down a pipes manufacture date.  The size of the bowl and the size of the hole both changed over time, as did certain other design features.  For example, over time the bowl became more upright.

Here is a great web site that tells about that..

And here is another great web site that provides a list of makers marks for clay pipes.

The winds are now from the east, and the seas have increased a bit, now running up around 3 or 4 feet.  That isn't much, but it could create a few small cuts.  While the cuts, if you can find them, won't produce any old coins unless the particular area has been eroding in the recent past for some reason, such as obstructions to the flow of sand, it could expose some  newer targets.   More generally though, don't expect much change.

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