Sunday, June 17, 2012

6/17/12 Report - Dagger Found

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Happy Father's Day.  And here is new find that would make a lot of fathers very happy.

Bill M., who found the olive jar rim and lead seal that I posted in the past, found this nifty dagger at the same St. Lucie County site.

There appeared to be some numbers of letters on it that could not really be read from the photos.   I asked Bill to do a little work and see if he could provide an image of whatever it appears to say on the guard.

I'll post more photos of the item after Bill lets me know if he can provide additional clues as to what, if anything, is stamped on the item.

Like I said the other day, research can pay off.  I know Bill did some good research to find the site that is yielding these interesting finds.

If you go to the we site on clay pipes that I posted yesterday, the web site tells how clay pipes changed over the years.  That will help you narrow down the age of any clay pipe.

Clay pipes were first used in England after the early colonists observed the Native Americans smoking.  It became such a fad that King James wanted to ban smoking but didn't get it done.

The Mel Fisher organization reported via email that part of a water jar and some other pottery, a silver shoe buckle, spikes, some encrusted objects and one silver coin was recently found by the crew of the Dare on the site of the Margarita.

The Dare is going north to work the Lost Merchant.

The crew of the Magruder will continue working the Atocha where they recently found spikes, a cannon ball, encrusted scissors one silver coin and some other encrusted objects.

Even the big guys don't make amazing finds all of the time.  Be patient.

Low tide is a little after one.   The swells are still coming in at near four feet.

No significant change in conditions.

Despite poor beach detecting conditions a few good finds are being made on the beach..   Some really good off-beach finds have been made by people who did their research.

Happy hunting,