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6/23/12 Report - Four Pounds of Gold Found & Dangers on Treasure Coast Beaches

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Part of Four-Pound Gold Treasure Trove
Four pounds of gold were found in a 3300-year old treasure trove in Northern Germany where a gas pipeline was being constructed.  The gold was analyzed and believed to have originated in Asia.

The photo here (from Spiegel OnLine), shows one item from that treasure trove.

Here is the link to the original story.

It is the time of year to start paying attention to the weather maps for tropical storms.  One weather system that has an 80% chance of developing into a cyclone is now in the Gulf.   I think it is expected to head on a northeast track and over Orlando.   If that happens, we'll probably only get west and south winds from it on the Treasure Coast.   Nonetheless it is time to start watching for tropical weather systems.  I'll keep an eye on this one.  It could change.

Tropical Storm Forming in Gulf of Mexico
CAUTION:  There are definitely some sharp and dangerous large pieces of metal showing up on at least one Treasure Coast beach.  Always take precautions, be careful and be safe. 

Besides other possible dangers, there might be very sharp edges on objects, maybe metal and glass for example.  While I've been careful enough to avoid ever cutting myself on a beach, it can easily happen.  I've cut myself while bottle hunting, and once while walking in the ocean.  That can't be avoided totally if you are out there a lot.  And I got a fishing lure stuck in my foot once. 

There are some very dangerous pieces of metal on the beach by the power plant on Hutchinson Island now.  There are pieces of a large broken metal cable.  I saw pieces near a foot long, and the cable appears like it was maybe six inches in diameter.  But what is most dangerous are the ends of the smaller pieces that were wound together to create the cable.  The ends are broken and corroded and stick out like a bunch of needles.   You could easily hurt yourself on one of those.  To make it worse, some are buried and others are partially buried.  Use your scoop and don't probe around with your hands when you don't know what you are going after.  If you are not wearing shoes, watch where you step.

 Take adequate precautions and be very careful.

The St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club was expecting to have a club hunt this morning.  I didn't get the notice early enough to let you know in advance.  Hope the weather holds out and it goes well..

Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Forecast.

The wind will be mostly from the south for a few days, and the seas will be running down around
two or three feet.

Conditions remain poor for finding shipwreck cobs, but there are other things to be found.

There was some surprise erosion last week.  Not very productive though, as far as I know.  Just the same old sand being washed out and then up onto the beach again.

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