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6/3/12 Report - Power Plant Wreck Area

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Here is a construction project going on by the nuclear power plant.  For a while I thought they were going to do this all the way along the dunes there.  Now it looks to me like they are only going to cover the cliff right around the project area.
Note the planted seas oats.  They are protected.

Also note the three foot cut along the bottom of the newly filled and planted area (The picture doesn't show the cut real well.). 

That is pretty high on the beach for a  cut, but the water obviously had been up there.  That area is one area that had cut pretty good a few times in recent months.  I'm sorry they covered it up.  If you put sand where Mother Nature has been moving it, it won't stay very long.

When Mother Nature isn't moving sand, watch for other places where sand is being moved.  If that newly dumped sand originally had anything in it, some of the objects would probably now be at the foot of the cut.  I'm always interested in where sand is moved, no matter if it is by Mother Nature or man.  It can be worth checking.

That is the general area of the Power Plant Wreck and where the small disk shaped silver ingots were found back in the seventies when construction for the power plant was taking place.

Small Silver Ingot From Power Plant Area.

That wreck is thought to be from the late 1500s.  The wreck site is a bit of a mystery.  A lot of miscellaneous artifacts and stories, but not a real coherent picture of what is there.

I've seen old timbers exposed in the dunes north of there when the beach was really cut once.

And an entire stack of Kang Hsi  was found just north of there as well.

Here is an example from the most recent Sedwick Coins auction catalog.  You can see the cross on it. 

These disks were usually small.  This one was just over 32 grams.

Seas are flat today and will remain flat for at least a few days.  We'll be having mostly winds from the west.  It will be a good time to snoop around in the water, but beach finds will be mostly limited to recent drops and chunks of iron near the water's edge, and perhaps some non-metallics.

You might choose to get in the water, although the shallow water is generally very sandy too, or try some off-beach hunting. 

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