Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/28/12 Report - Emeralds in Conglomerate & $15 Million Cache Found by Detectorist

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Here are a variety of items reportedly found in a single encrustation about the size of a softball.  According to the eBay seller, the softball-sized encrustation was found while diving off the coast of Southeast Florida, and remained for years before the crust was taken apart and these items revealed.

The items include trade beads and stones that look very much like the Muzo emeralds found on the Atocha site, as well as other stones. 

A small part of the crust containing a couple of  remaining stones  is part of the lot.

If you want to find the listing, use "1715 Fleet" as key words.

Several people submitted the link for the following widely published story.  A cache consisting of hundreds of silver coins worth over $15 million was found.

The lucky detectorist had been detecting for 30 years before finding this cache.

Here is the link.  I think you'll want to read this.

Persistence paid off.   You never know when you might run across something amazing.

Thanks for all of you who take the time to submit links, reports, suggestions and questions.  It helps me do a better job.

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Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.
Despite the clouds, one of those red ball sunrises greeted me this morning.  That seemed to excite the mosquitos as they sipped their morning cup of red beverage.  Before hitting the beach, I fed a few of them.  Then the sand fleas were next in line at the buffet.  Be prepared for hungry pests, especially if you hit the beach early in the morning.

I first visisted the same beach that I showed in yesterday's post and was disappointed to see that the bottom cut was completely gone.  From the sand bar in front of the front beach, the sand sloped up to the foot of the old top cut.

Yesterday the wind was coming from the northeast for a little while, and I wanted to see what it did.  Unfortunately it made the beach worse rather than better.  In the first beach photo here, you can see the sand sloping up to the foot of the what was yesterday, the top cut.  Also note the new seaweed line that was deposited last night.  Beaches can change quickly.

About a mile away, I did find some cuts, as shown in the second photo.  The biggest was about four feet high.  The sand in front of that cut was mushy.  I don't think it was a new cut.

One Cut I Found This Morning.
As you know, not all cuts are created equal.  I've detailed that in older posts.  This one wasn't productive at all.  

Yesterday the front beach, from the shell line (See yesterday's beach photo.) below the bottom cut out to the front of the sand bar that was exposed in front of the beach at low tide, there were a good many targets in the newly piled up sand - mostly junk.

While there wasn't much of any wind or waves this morning, the surf web sites are predicting north winds today, and seas around three feet.

I don't expect any beach improvement today.  There is a lot of accumulated sand to be moved now. 

Happy hunting,