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6/4/12 Report - Gucci Watch, Indian Head & Unidentified Shipwreck

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Gucci Watch Found
The wind is from the west this morning and the seas are still flat.  It is beautiful weather for water hunting except for the sandy shallow-water conditions.  While there isn't much chance of finding old things, people are still losing things everyday. 

The few dips there are in front of the beaches mostly have a layer of shells on top.  Those shelly shallow water dips aren't much good, but they do collect watches.

The poor economic conditions in Europe are causing an increase in the price of gold and silver again.  Gold recently went back up over $1600 per ounce.  Of course, the dollar has been doing well too lately because it is not as bad as some of the other currencies.

To the right is one watch find.  In my experience, it seems that Gucci watches are unusually common finds. 

I don't know why they are lost so often, but I suspect it is because of the type of catch that is used and the rigid band. 

The Gucci watches with the changeable color face bands are very common finds, as are dive watches.  

I can understand how people lose watches in the water, but you would think those lost on land would be found before a detectorist comes along.  It isn't like a small gold ring that would quickly become buried in the sand.

Even when conditions are poor on the beaches, it is possible to make a few old finds.  One way is to look for places where sand or earth is being moved, as I mentioned yesterday. 

Here is a beat up Indian Head penny.  It doesn't look like it circulated much, but it got mangled somehow.  The other side is really nice.

1905 Penny
An unidentified 19th century shipwreck was recently discovered in the Gulf of Mexico during a NOAA expedition.   The following web site tells more and shows some really nice underwater photos of the wreck, including the remains of a lot of the copper hull sheathing that shows the shape of the bow even though most of the wooden structure is gone.

Notice all of the nails, and the remains of the lead Roman Numerals.   Also a lot of bottles, dishes, muskets and the remains of a sword handle.

Here is the link.

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