Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29/12 Report - Erosion on Gulf Coast & Treasure Coast Detecting Conditions and Forecast

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NOAA Map Showing Remains of Debby
The remains of tropical storm Debby are now about 400 miles east of North Carolina and headed out to sea with no hint of future developement.

There is another disturance in the Atlantic, but it is still far out and not showing any signs of development for the immediate future..

I heard reports of erosion over by Tampa but none from the Outer Banks. 

Some say that some of the areas of the Gulf Coast had the worst erosion they every saw.  Very good shelling too.

Here is a video about the erosion from Pinellas County.

It looks like we're going to be stuck with poor beach detecting conditions and hot weather on the Treasure Coast this weekend.

The bad news for beach hunters is calm seas this weekend.  The good news for shallow water hunters, is calm seas this weekend.

Actually even beach hunters can take advantage of calm seas to hunt the low tide areas.  So that isn't all bad. 

If there isn't too much rain, the high temperatures might bring out a lot of beach goers.

I saw a tympanic bulla from a whale listed on eBay for $500.  It is similar to the one I showed a few days ago, but was in better shape than mine.  It somtimes pays to recognize treasures besides coins, gold and silver.  You can actually walk right past things that may be  worth more than what you are targeting.

Archaeologists used metal detectors to trace the path of a British retreat that occured in 1637.

I'd like to see greater cooperation instead of hostility between archaeologists and deterectorists.  This article give some idea of what could be accomplished.    Besides the military, treasure hunting has led to a lot of advances  in metal detector technology.  All of you who own detectors have contributed to that industry.

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