Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/20/12 Report - CTX 3030 Detector Capabilities & Current Beach Condtions

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Last night it was windy and rainy.  The wind has been coming in at over 20 mph.  It looks almost like winter again, but summer-like conditions have prevailed on the beach too long for detecting conditions to change that quickly.

Here is what one Treasure Coast beach looked like shortly before sunset last night.  Notice the cut that was slightly over one foot high.   It evidently happened earlier - a day or two.   I would guess at least two high-tides earlier.  This is the first I saw it though. 

(Cisco sent me a new HD Flipcam to replace the one that was not working.  I'll have some nicer pictures now.)

Also notice the seaweed, which indicates that the beach has been filling since it was originally cut.  Testing the beach in front of the cut confirmed that it had been filling.  The sand there was real mushy.

The cut had also deteriorated.  Notice the angled and messy slope.

Although the beach was cut, it would not likely have been productive when it was freshly cut.  And now it shows even less promise.
There has, however, been some movement of sand and when the ocean calms down a bit, it might be worth checking at low tide.

I saw another beach last night where there was no cut, but there was a little erosion and some small scallops.  A lot of seaweed there too.

Low tide tomorrow is a little after three.

The seas will be decreasing, but not as quickly as earlier predicted.  Based upon the earlier predictions, I was expecting nice calm seas this weekend, but now it appears that it will be days later.

The wind is still blowing pretty strong and the seas will remain rough for at least a couple more days.  That might help beach conditions a bit, especially for iron artifacts and other less dense and easily moved objects, but not enough to significantly increase the probably of finding old shipwreck coins.

Unfortunately it appears that the wind and seas will continue to hit the beach pretty much directly from the east.

A few months ago I conducted a poll asking which detector manufacturer people thought provided the best discrimination.  Minelab came out on top. 

Here is a video showing the impressive discrimination capabilities of their CPX 3030 model.

You will want to see this.

This is not an inexpensive detector.

I do hate messing around with a lot of settings and screens when I could simply dig an item up and look at it with my own eyes, but there are times when that is not the best choice. 

Below is a quick look at the sea from last night.   Pretty rough.  I would say it is about the same today.

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