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6/13/12 Report - Beach Conditions, Pad Locks & Stuff in a Man-Made Lake

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Here is one Treasure Coast beach this morning near low tide.  Nice easy waves and good visibility in the water. Notice all the sea weed.  That is one of the most obvious signs that light materials are being deposited on the beach.  Typical summer pattern.

The wind has been from the southeast a lot, which is typical of summer conditions, and most often means the beaches are building.

On this particular beach at low tide, there were shell piles at the waters edge and into the water.  I saw both small bits of fossils and seas glass in the shell piles. 

At another Treasure coast beach , there wasn't any seas weed, but there was a lot of sand building on the front beach.

As far as detecting, there were a lot of signals in the low tide area, especially where you could see obvious piles of new material.  In that new material was a lot of old corroded iron objects, very corroded, and some copper sheeting, and a few other things.   If you have a low tolerance for junk, forget it, but if you have the patience to sift through it, there may be a few nice old finds.   There was really a lot of old corroded iron objects and old copper sheeting.  You

I'm surprised by how much there was.   From the number of detectorists out there, I always expect this stuff to be pretty much picked up, but a lot of people simply don't have the tolerance to sift through junk.  Modern junk is one thing, but when the junk is older, it can be worth the time.

The front beaches are sandy, but so is the shallow water.  It is like the beach extends into the water for quite a few yards.  Between the high tide mark and the sand drop off in the water, there several distinct zones.  I don't have the time to detail them today.

Heavy rains recently caused flooding around the Florida Panhandle, and there have also been rip currents up in that area.

Here is the link.

Heavy rains can cause erosion and improved hunting for land hunters and rip currents can cause good shallow water hunting, but remember to be safe and stay out of rip currents that you aren't sure you can handle.

A man-made lake was cleaned out and the following linked story will tell you what  they found in it.

Here are a few metal detecting beach and water finds.  I don't know why there are so many pad locks on the beaches and in the water.  Like I always say, you can find almost anything on a beach.

The one on the right is so corroded it is falling apart.  I think I showed some older ones in this blog in the past.

I don't see anything that suggests conditions will change anytime real soon.

There are some decent spots still out there where you can find artifacts.  I know of some cob finds too, although they are rare these days.

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