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6/26/12 Report - Old Florida Maps & Tropical Storm Debby

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Antique Map showing Fort Capron and The Old Indian River Inlet
There are a lot of antique maps that can be found online.  This is a portion of a map showing the location of Fort Capron and the old Indian River Inlet.

The inlet shown here is now closed and is north of the present Fort Pierce Inlet and just north of the location of the Wedge Wreck.

The old inlet is also the area where the gold coins from the lost Fort Capron pay roll were found.

You can match up some of the islands and features on more modern maps and that will give you the location of the old inlet and fort.

Here is a link to the entire map as shown on the University of Florida map collection web site.

A few days ago I published a description of how James F. does research that helps him to find things like the steamboat strap that I also showed.  Old maps can be a nice part of any research effort.

Below is an old map of Cedar Key.  Isn't that a great example!  That type of image provides a 101 clues for detecting.

Old Map of Cedar Key

You can find the original digital image of this map on the same University of Florida web site listed above.  It has a lot of great detail.  Just plain fun to look at.

They have some other Florida maps that you might want to look at too.

The center of Tropical Storm Debby is near Appalachicola.   On the Gulf Coast Debby is producing rip currents and beach erosion with wind up to 50 mph.  Large waves with storm surges up to 5 feet are possible around  the area of Apalachee to Wacceasassa Bay.

On the Treasure Coast it is more south winds and rainy weather.  We're on the wrong side of this one.  Expect calm seas, down around one foot.  Of course that means no significant improvement in beach detecting conditions over here.

Here are a couple links for more details on Debby.



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