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6/9/12 Report - Odyssey Marine, Gold & Emeralds, Tsunami Debris & More

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Photo from Manor Auctions Web Site

Here is another item from a South Florida estate sold by Manor Auctions.  Read the bit about the auction on the following web site.

Here is the web site to see more.

Here is an excellent detailed article on Odyssey Marine from Bloomberg Businessweek.  It gives a lot of information on the return of coins to Spain as well as the their other ventures.

Thanks to John L. for submitting this link.

The US West Coast is preparing to be hit by tons of floating tsunami debris.

There should be some salvageable items in all that debris.

The Federal government is counting jobs connected to antique stores and consignment stores as green jobs when they count the number of green jobs they created.   If you remember, a number of weeks ago I said that detecting is a green activity.   Maybe you thought that was a real stretch.  The idea is the same.  Old items that are salvaged and put back into use saves materials and energy.   I always wish I knew how many coins were returned to circulation by detectorists.  And how much silver and gold has been recovered by detectorists. 

I think you would actually have to get into a more detailed analysis, but hey, it's the same logic the Federal government is using so there must be something wrong with it.

Typical Treasure Coast Beach - Sandy
Not much change in conditions again.  Still around two foot seas.  Still sandy conditions.

The wind is out of the south. 

Yesterday there were some decent surfing waves at a few spots.  Where the waves will break depends partly upon the shape of the bottom.

And as I mentioned yesterday, even though conditions are generally poor, there is always somewhere to hunt and something to find.  When the sand is building one place it is coming from someplace else.  Look for the places the sand is leaving.  The poorer conditions are, the harder it is to find those better spots. 

I'll explore more treasure coin data in the next few posts.

I never know which posts my readers like or don't like so much.  I wish I had a better way of knowing that other than simply hit count.

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