Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/13 Report - Time to Bust Out & Easy Silver

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Dan B. recently found this lump.   Of course he didn't know what was inside but was curious, as he should have been.  You never know.

See if you can guess what is in there.  I'll show the cleaned item(s) below.

I don't think most people take the time to check for silver coins in their change.  One way to easily find silver coins is to run your change through a machine.  Some banks (TD Bank for one) have machines that the public can use for counting change for conversion into bills.  The bank machine doesn't charge a fee like some machines in other retail locations.

That is an easy way to check a lot of coins for silver.  Of course you could still be missing some nice error or other valuable coins.

This YouTube video was made by a fellow that recovered two silver quarters worth nearly $10 that the machine wouldn't accept when he tried to cash in some coins.

Most vending machines and toll booth machines will also kick out silver coins as well as foreign and damaged coins.  When I was driving the Florida Toll Pike frequently I found silver coins simply by checking the change tray every time I went through.  I guess people simply threw in another coin when one was rejected.  If your car was not well positioned, it could be difficult to reach the tray and so I guess people just didn't bother.

Another thing about vending machines: it is an easy way to launder coins that are discolored from salt water.  Just put it in the vending machine and hit the coin return button.  You'll get a shiny new coin.  

I once asking a vending machine operator if he cared about that.  He said it didn't make any difference to him what color the coin was.

The first month of 2013 is about two thirds over.  Can you believe it?   Time flies.

How has the year been going for you?  Has it been frantic or dull, productive or a waste?  It could be time for a break out.

People tend to get into a rut.  They do the same thing over and over.  Trying something new takes some thought, initiative and investment of time, energy or money.

Everybody has there own style, but most of the time people are not very imaginative.  If you watch Bering Sea Gold on TV, you'll see most everybody doing things pretty much the same.  Some have bigger rigs than others, but generally speaking they do things pretty much the same.  And those are some pretty tough independent people.  It is even worse for the general run of the mill person in a hum drum life.  There is a lot of inertia.  It is easier to fall into the beaten path.

You might say there is a reason everybody does things about the same thing.  Maybe they know that is what has worked.   But somebody had to do it first!  And that is often where the biggest results are found.  And what worked at first, often quits working.  After a while the same old thing starts to produce diminishing results and it is time to try something new.

When I watch some of those TV shows I can think of a variety of ways to approach things differently.   And they are not all expensive.  Some are the result of applying creativity - just trying something new and different.

It does take time.  It does take thought.  It does take some effort.   And there is the risk of failure - but not really.   Even when you fail you learn something and move onto the next step.  You often find out what will work right after you find out a lot of things that won't work.    People don't want to go through that learning process, but you'll never be the first if you won't give it a shot.

You don't have to go to Alaska to try something new.  There is an opportunity and challenge right in your own back yard waiting to be discovered.

This doesn't only apply to treasure hunting.   It applies to life in general.  Trying something new won't guarantee immediate success, but staying in the rut will pretty much guarantee a lot less.  Take the time to evaluate things and see if it is time for you to try something new.

Here is what Dan B. found in the lump shown at the top of the blog.  Not big gobs of coins - but like I said, you never know.   So check it out.

The surf will decrease a little today on the Treasure Coast.  The surf will be around 2 - 4 feet with the wind out of the northeast.

The tides are modest now.  Low tide this morning will be around 9:45 AM.

I'll try to get some new beach photos posted later.

Happy hunting,