Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11/12 Report - Some Dug Finds & Club Meeting

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Cross Metal Detector Find.
 This cross was recently found.  It is heavily encrusted, especially at the top and bottom which have a thick rock-like build up.   Enough of the encrustation has been removed from the middle part to see the triangle and eye symbols.

It is hard to know how to clean this one since there are different types of build-up and it is hard to determine the metal under all of that.

I don't know why the top and bottom attracted so much more heavy concretion.

The eye in the triangle is a symbol that goes back many centuries.  The eye is sometimes the Eye of Providence, or the Eye of the Lord and can represent the all-seeing eye of Go.  And the triangle in religious applications represents the Trinity.

Silver Eye Ring Posted in 2009.
Besides the purely religious use of those symbols, the triangle and eye are sometimes associated with the Illuminati or Freemasonry, and the eye is sometimes used simply as a talisman or amulet.

I've shown dug items displaying an eye before, such as the silver ring shown here.   The ring would appear to be for protection from evil eye.

The only thing I can say about the cross at this time is the amount of encrustation suggests that it has some age to it.  How much, I have no idea.   The design could be from modern to centuries old.  For now, I'm guessing that it is relatively modern even though I have little evidence for a date or time period.

Recently Dug Silver Ring.
Here is recently dug silver ring with clear stones.  As you can see it is nicely salt-water blackened, or what I call sea-seasoned.  It is marked 925 and definitely modern.  There is a good mix of slightly aged modern and older items being dug recently.

In the past I usually assumed that clear stones in silver settings were probably not much good, but these days they are sometimes putting diamonds in silver jewelry.  These should be checked, just in case.  It appears that a little time was put into setting these stones, whatever they are.  Only about a tenth of an ounce of silver in this one.

Items like this are a good sign since they are obviously not just dropped.

I always planned to do an experiment to see how long it takes silver to turn black in salt water.  I haven't done it yet.  Maybe some day.

Here is a message from Bernie C.  This Saturday, January 12th is our bi-monthly club meeting @ 6:00 pm at my house: 1256 SE Palm Beach Road PSL.  Don't forget to bring your favorite beverage. Also if you have any interesting finds bring them along. I will be doing some cooking for this meeting.

For more information on the St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club or the meeting, contact

Today on the Treasure Coast we still have a southeast wind and two to three foot surf.  That will continue pretty much through the weekend.  Then next week the surf will increase a little.  Maybe up around 3 to 5 feet.

Low tide today is around 1:30 PM.

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