Friday, January 4, 2013

1/5/13 Report - Sand Accumulating But Miscellaneous Items Being Found On Beach Fronts

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I've been pretty busy lately and haven't been getting out to the beach much.  Fortunately I got out this morning. 

It was an overcast day.  The water was just a little rougher than it has been.

There were some fairly large shell piles at places containing some moderate size shells.  Most of the time lately, the shells on the beach have been smaller.  There are still a good number of small pieces of fossils along the shell lines.

I also found a good number of modern coins just below the shell lines near low tide.  Miscellaneous iron, copper and other easily moved pieces were also common even in areas of sand accumulation. 

I would bet on a few spikes being found in the low tide zone.  I heard a few large deeper targets in the wet sand that I didn't dig hoping to get them some other time when the water is lower if they are still there.

It seems the snow bird detectorists are starting to show up on the Treasure Coast.  It is that time of year.  I saw a few out this morning.

The swell was about 2.5 feet.  It looks like next week, around Tuesday, it will be a little rougher but not a great deal.

Low tide this evening will be around 7 PM.

I have a photo of the beach and some finds but can't seem to get the blogger editor to upload them this afternoon.  I'll give up on that for now.

The Mississippi River is down to levels that haven't been seen for decades.  If I were out there I'd be inspecting the banks.  I'll bet some nice old things will be found.

Here is a link about the drought and water levels on the Mississippi.

At the same time as that is happening, cemeteries in Louisiana are sinking.

Of course that means other things will be sinking too.

Will cash and coins become historic artifacts?  According to one article, not really, but cash is obviously used less often now than in the past.

The following referenced article says cash transactions will fall to just 10 percent of all transactions in 30 years from 29 percent now.

Here is the link to that article.

I got thrown off track today.  I had a topic ready but couldn't get the necessary photos to load.

I'm giving up for now.   If I can get the photo to load I might add to this later.

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