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1/16/12 Report - CSS Alabama & USS Hatteras & Dating Bottles

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Lieutenants Armstrong and Sinclair on the Deck of
the CSS Alabama Next to 32 Pounder.

See below for more on this.
I always look for signs and clues to treasure.  As I've mentioned before, one of the first signs that you will often see that might hint of the presence of other old items is ceramics, glass or bottles.  It can therefore be helpful if you are able to identify the approximate age of any bottles or bottle parts that you might see. 

Here is a link to one web site that gives almost every clue that might help you identify the age of a bottle.

This is a very thorough and detailed treatment of the subject and might actually not be the best place to start for someone that is just beginning.  If, however, you are patient and really want to learn or already have some background with old bottles, you will find it well worth while.

Here is just one quick and easy way to identify the approximate age of some very common bottles that you might see.  Any bottle that is embossed Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle dates from the mid-thirties to the mid-sixties.  That is easy enough, and you will see a lot of those.

Coastal erosion revealed an Iron Age archaeological site and then covered it up again.

Two Years on the Alabama by Arthur Sinclair
Published 1896.

A 3-D map of a Civil War shipwreck (USS Hatteras) in the Gulf of Mexico can be seen by using the following link.  Be sure to scroll down to the end.

You can also read about the CSS Alabama's encounter leading to the sinking of the Hatteras in this book.  Really a good book.  It has a complete list of officers and seamen as well as events during those two years.

Maybe one of your ancestors was on board.

Books can be real treasures too.

Oh, the encounter between the USS Hatteras and the CSS Alabama starts on page 71 of this book.

I'm running late and won't bother to comment on Treasure Coast conditions today.  Nothing much new anyhow.

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