Friday, January 18, 2013

1/18/13 Report - BIGGGG Gold Nugget & Front Coming Through

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Gold Nugget Found With Metal Detector
From BBC linked story. 
How's that for a gold nugget?  177 ounces, found by a man with a metal detector, and the largest by far known to prospectors in the area.

Here is the link to the article.

Link submitted by Oliver J., a new reader of this blog and Dan B.

Another reader is seeking someone who can repair detectors.  I've asked about this before in my blog and never found anyone who said they would do it.  If you do detector repairs, let me know and I'll let others know.

Bill P., author of the coin cleaning instructions listed in my reference link list, has found gold rings on both of his last two outings to a beach in Northern Florida.  Both were found in the low tide zone.

That is what I've been talking about recently.  The low tide zones on several beaches have been productive lately even though they don't look particularly good.  I think that Sandy might have something to do with that. Sandy might have churned up some older stuff that is still being shifted around in the shallow water and on the front of the beaches.

Below is a short video of the beach at Pepper Park this morning around low tide.  Only one to two foot surf, as you can see.  This beach was pretty clean, but there was one spot near the water that held some good targets.  This beach seems to get hit hard by snow birds every winter.

It was chilly this morning.  Almost reminded me of some of my best cob days in years past when it was really cold. 

Tomorrow a 4 - 6 foot surf is expected along with northeast winds.  Right now the wind is too much out of the East.  If the surf does get up to six feet and the wind is more from the north, there is some chance that beach detecting conditions will improve a little.  There is lot of sand to be moved though. 

I do expect that some of the spots that have been producing recently could improve a little more.  That will be on the beach fronts.  I don't expect the water to get back to the dunes like it did during Sandy.

I dug a wheat penny today that looked like it had just been dropped.  They are still being found in pocket change occasionally.   Just goes to show that you can't tell how recently a coin might have been dropped by the date alone.

Have you seen what they are doing at the Fort Pierce river front.  A lot of money is being spent there.  Some of those rocks are coming in by truck and some by barge up the river from the South.  Does anyone know exactly where those rocks are coming from?  If so, I'd like to know.

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