Monday, January 14, 2013

1/14/13 Report - Gold and Bloosdstone, Loaded Cannon & Lost and Found

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Gold and Bloodstone Ring Found with Metal Detector
I mentioned the other day that now they sometimes actually mount diamonds on silver rings.  Well, I was just at Sams Club and noticed that they are also mounting diamonds on steel rings these days.  It is not safe to assume that if you find a ring that is not gold that the stones are no good.

Here is an 18K and bloodstone ring dug on a beach.

Bloodstone is actually heliotrope and is generally dark green with spots of iron oxide red.  Bloodstone has been known and used for centuries and was once thought to have powers.

It has been used to make jewelry and small cases and was often carved into small objects and used for signet or other carved rings.

A Revolutionary War cannon that was donated in 1865 has been sitting in Central Park for a long time.  When conservators were recently working on restoration of the cannon, a cement plug was removed and the cannon was found loaded with powder and ball.  Police were then called in to dispose of the load.

Here is the link.

Just a reminder to be careful about what you dig up.  You never know when something might be dangerous.

We got the fall storm that I was expecting in 2012, but I'm still expecting at least one more.  As I've said in the past, more often than not January and February is often the most productive beach detecting time of the year.  We normally get a good winter cold front or two by then and the accumulation or rough winter weather normally wears the beaches down by then.

This year after Sandy we've had a lot of southeast winds.  Southeast winds normally build the beaches.  Therefore the winter hasn't been as productive as normal up to this point even after the Sandy moved a lot of sand.

I'm hoping we get back into a more typical winter weather pattern before Spring.   It has been an unusual winter so far.

I can also remember quite a few times when the beaches got good around Easter.  Hopefully we won't have to wait that long this year.

Did you know that craigslist has a lost and found department for the Treasure Coast area.   It could be worth checking out.  Maybe you can find one of the reported lost items, or report a lost item of your own.

Just browsing through the items for this year the listings included a lost silver ring in Fort Pierce, a found diamond ring in Stuart and a lost camera at the dog park beach, along with a couple sets of lost car keys.

Here is a link.

The surf today is around  - 3 feet.  Low tide is just around 4 PM.

The water will be a touch rougher tomorrow.  Nothing very significant though.

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