Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/13 Report - More Bottle and Glass Finds & Wreck of the Hunley

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Small Bottle Found Yesterday
Yesterday I showed a couple of bottles that I ran across.  I decided to go out again to see if I could find anymore - maybe better ones.   I did find a few more bottles and things, but not anything very good.  It was worth taking the time to check.

When you find one type of thing, whether it is a bottle, treasure coin, shipwreck spike, or whatever, there is a better than normal chance that you will find another in the same general area.  As I've explained before, things tend to group together - partly from movement of the sand or surf, and sometimes from being lost at the same time or in the same way.  Anyhow, if you find one of anything interesting, you should look for more because there is a good chance there will be more than one.  Even when you think you have cleaned out an area, return to look again.  Sometimes you will find that you missed some or that more has been exposed because of the movement of water and sand.

Use found items as signs or signals.  They can tell you of the possible presence of other similar items of similar age.  I know that I repeat that, but I feel that it is important.

Watch the appearance and disappearance of objects over time.  That can give you some important information and will help you learn to identify how things move in that area and how conditions are changing.  Signal finds don't have to be good finds or valuable to provide valuable information.

The bottle above has some nice heavy ribbing.  No name or anything though.  It is about six inches tall.  Found in the same general area as the bottles I posted yesterday.

Hires Root Beer Bottle
And the Hires root beer bottle was also found yesterday.  Too bad it has lost some of its paint.  A lot of people collect the painted bottles from that era.  Some of you will remember bottles like that.

Not too long ago I found a piece of blue rod.  Yesterday I found another.  Like I said, when you find one, there is a good chance you will find another.

 Found Broken Glass Rods
The new one is the longer one (about six inches long).  I don't know what they are.  If you have an idea, let me know.  I would guess they are simply stirring rods, but I don't know.

Like I always say, when conditions are poor for finding one type of item, they will be good for finding another.

The Confederate submarine Hunley sunk the Housatonic. in 1864.  How did it deliver the torpedo?  Have any idea?

Here is how it was done.


And here is what has recently been discovered.   The the same torpedo that sunk the Housatonic may have also sunk the Hunley.


Following up on the Cantrell Cochrane bottle that I showed yesterday,   One like the one I found was recently sold.  It saw a similar one that was listed as being from 1910 - a little older than I would have guessed.  A machine for making that type of soda bottle was used as early as 1903 and was producing a lot of bottles by 1910.

Here is a nice link on soda bottle history.


On the Treasure Coast there is a light wind from the southeast.  That means no improvement in beach detecting conditions.

Around a 2 - 3 foot surf.   That won't do anymore than shuffle around some of the beach fronts a little.  More sand and shell accumulation would be expected in some areas.

Low tide is around 3:30 PM today.

Happy hunting,