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1/13/13 Report - Treasure Coast Pirate

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Illustration of Don Pedro Gibert's Pirate Ship Panda
From free ebook.  Link found below.

A few days ago I provided a link to an old out-of-copyright collection of anthropology papers, which among other thing,s, presented articles on Indian mounds around Florida and other states.  Some included maps of those mounds.  Some very good maps of mounds around West Florida were included.  And a few of those mounds were the source of Spanish artifacts.

If you took the time to read those through those papers you would found the following.

Mention of Mount Pisgah Found in Smithsonian Collection of Anthropology Papers
While the Treasure Coast does not have the amount of pirate lore that is associated with much of the West Coast of Florida, it does have some.

Mount Pisgah, not far from Sewall's point, is a mound that is said to have been a haunt of our local pirate Don Pedro Gibert (or sometimes Gilbert), after whom Gilbert's Bar is said to be named.

1830 Map Showing Indian River Inlet
If you want to read more about pirate Gibert, his crew and exploits, you can read a free ebook reporting on his trial that took place in the 1830s.  Unfortunately his trial to not focus on Florida or the Treasure Coast but rather the evidence against him and the circumstances of his capture.  I still think you will find it interesting reading.  See link below.

At the right is an 1830 map showing the Treasure Coast and the Indian River Inlet.  Notice that the inlet is north of present day Fort Pierce.  The old inlet was nearly opposite Fort Capron and was north of present day Pepper Park.

I've mentioned that before, but that can be something that causes a lot of confusion so I mention it again.  The inlets have changed since 1830, and of course 1715 etc.  Remember that when you read old documents.

You'll also read of the area opposite Fort Capron in the Smithsonian collection of anthropology papers.  It mentions a midden near the old inlet.

Here is the link to the ebook about Gibert's trail.

In the Roman baths of long ago people lost things just like they do in the water today.  Here is a link to an article about what archaeologists found in the Roman drains.

The surf along the Treasure Coast today is expected to be calm, 1 - 2 foot surf, with continued southeast wind.  Tomorrow it will be a little rougher, but nothing that will improved detecting conditions.  I'd say the best bet is still the wet sand near low tide.

Low tide today will be around 3 PM.

They are getting some cold out west.  Maybe we'll get a cold front in the near future to stir things up a little.

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