Saturday, January 19, 2013

1/19/13 Report - Some Cutting on the Treasure Coast From Last Night

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This Morning Near Low Tide on the Treasure Coast
Last night it was pretty windy.  This morning I took a look near low tide and some sand had been moved.  One of the primary treasure beaches on the Treasure Coast was scalloped.

Here is a photo of what I saw.  The beach was scalloped for a at least a mile or so, and the cuts, like the one shown here, were from roughly two to four feet.  A lot of shells were behind the cuts and scallops, and the sand in front was generally mushy.

I could see that sand was in front of the beach extending out some thirty yards or so where the waves were crashing.

Since the surf was predicted to get up to 4 - 6 feet today, I'd expect a little more erosion near high tide (around 2 PM today) but not much.

That bit of sand movement might help a little but not enough for me to upgrade my beach detecting conditions rating yet.

A few days ago I mentioned the Craigslist Lost and Found ads and one listing that I thought was a scam, and I gave some tips for avoiding scams like that.   It might be useful to check those ads to see what jewelry or other items might have been lost or to list fund items that you have found.

Will B. say that he checks the lost and found ads often and has noticed another scam that often appears in them.  Here is what he said.

 I check them all the time. another scam I noticed was someone placing an ad claiming to have found a very expensive ring. He then proceeded to request that anybody who had lost a ring to describe the ring itself and more specifically EXACTLY where they lost it. It appeared to me that he was trying to bait people into giving him information so that he can go look for the jewelry and maybe keep it for himself. I have seen the ad regularly over the course of the last 2 years. I usually flag it.

Thanks Will.  These days it pays to be alert.  There are so many scams out there.

Here is a quick clip showing a big project at Fort Pierce Riverside Park.

They've been bringing in rocks and material for months for this project.   I've seen some rocks arriving by truck and others coming up the river on barges from the South.  Does anyone know where those rocks are coming from?  I'd like to know.

Also, I've not found out where the sand that they are dumping on the beach in front of the power plant is coming from.  I'm thinking from the east side of the island, but I don't know.

The surf is predicted to decrease tomorrow.

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