Friday, January 25, 2013

1/26/13 Report - Sand Continues to Accumulate While They Dump Even More

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Cannon I saw the other day.
I saw this cannon Thursday and it reminded me of the cannon that sat in Central Park in New York for years before they discovered it was loaded.

Robert K. found a web site that identified the star fish I showed in a post the other day.  It is actually a  Luidia Senegalensis, or Nine-Armed Sea Star.  If you were really paying attention, as Robert was, you might have seen that it had nine arms, although I referred to eight in my post.  As I told Robert, I only counted eight because at that point I ran out of fingers.

Here is the link for more about the Sea Star if you are interested.

Thanks Robert.

Beach Renourishment Project in Front of FPL Nuclear Plant
Just north of Walton Rocks they are dumping sand and grading the sand up to the top of the cliffs at the back of the beach.   I previously showed a photo of the south end of that project where they started.  It seems they are now finishing that project at the north end, which is shown in this photo.

The photo was taken Friday morning.

They filled that area just a few months ago, planted sea oats and everything, but that fill sand had completely disappeared.

A couple of days ago I showed a beach that had two steps cut into it.   The sand has accumulated in front of the lower step and shells were piled along the front of that lower cut yesterday.

Here is a quick video clip showing that beach as it looked Friday morning at John Brooks Park.

.The cuts hadn't changed much since I last showed them, but more sand had accumulated in front of the cuts.

The Mel Fisher organization has acquired an additional subcontractor to work the Margarita wreck site because the Dare is going to be working the Lost Merchant site this summer.  With the additional boats on the Margarita as well as continuing work on the Atocha, and the Dare working the Lost Merchant, it appears they are well positioned to make exciting new discoveries this summer.

You might know of some of the finds from the Margarita, including a gold chalice and reliquary.

On the Treasure Coast conditions remain poor for finding shipwreck treasure coins or cobs on the Treasure Coast beaches.

The surf was only about 1 -2 feet on Friday morning, then increased slightly in the evening and will remain at about 2 - 4 feet Saturday.   Low tide Saturday will be about 1:30 Saturday.

Nothing in the predictions give much hope that detecting conditions will improve on the Treasure Coast for at least several days.

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