Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22/13 Report - Dug Coins & Beach Filling

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I don't know what happened, but I noticed that yesterday's post, which should have appeared in the morning, wasn't there when it should have been.  I went back and fixed that, but it was late Monday before I got it fixed.  Sorry about that.

Beach Monday Morning
Some days you have to wear your long pants, even in Florida.  Its not the cold but those darn no-see-ems that can be a real pain on mornings when the sand is wet from rain.  They were eating me alive on Monday morning.

Another solution if you just can't bear long pants is insect repellant or getting in the water when it really gets bad.  They can't get to you under the water.

Anyhow, you might want to remember to be prepared for those little pests, expecially on mornings after a rain.

The cuts that I found Saturday morning were nearly gone Monday morning.  They were about half what they were Saturday.  Some filling had already taken place.

I was digging a good number of what looked like green encrusted US coins Monday morning when I dug a bigger coin.  At first glance I thought it was a half or something.  It was green and encrusted too, and I couldn't see very much of the surface of the coin, but I after some rubbing and eye-straining I could make out a cross.  And then a tressure.  Hmmm, looks Spanish, I thought.

Some Coins Dug Monday Morning
I couldn't see anything else at the time.  I figured that I had just found another one of those all-too-common fakes.  I wasn't going to take time to clean it off and inspect it there.  And from where I was and the other coins I was digging, I just figured it had to be a fake.

After I got it home and did a little more gentle cleaneing, I wasn't so sure it was a fake.   It didn't look like a fake.  It wasn't a cob.  It was round and had a rim.

After some more cleaning, I started to see some of the words.   Espana.  De.  00.

If it is a fake, it is a heavy fake.  Weighs .61 Troy Oz.  But I've found some heavy fakes.  The weight is about right for silver.

It is starting to look silver but isn't really clean enough to test yet.

Coin Dug Monday Mornin
I'd like to be able to read some more of the coin, but that will take more cleaning.

Below is what it looks like so far.

You might be able to make out the cross and crown at the top.

I'll probably have it figured out by tomorrow and will give you the verdict then.

Did you ever notice how prominent the cross is on Spanish treasure coins?   Have you ever thought about that?  It wasn't accidental.

The surf will be down around 1 -2 feet Tuesday morning and then increasing just a touch later in the day.  That makes for easy hunting.

The high tide will not be very high and the low tide will not be very low.  I'd like to see some lower low tides about now, but it isn't expected.

As I said, the cuts that I saw Saturday are already mostly filled in.

Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions are poor for finding shipwreck treasure coins on the beach, but you might be able to find some other types of things.

There is always some place to hunt and something to find.

Happy hunting,