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6/13/14 Report - Silver Penny Sells for Over $100,000, Mystery Find Solved, USS Houston & Inca Road Found

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Silver Anglo Saxon Penny Found by Detectorist.
Source of photo: See link.

This Anglo Saxon silver penny sold for over $130,000.

The detectorist who found the coin split the proceeds with the farmer who owned the land.

Here is the source link.

The other day I showed a mystery object found by Robert H. and asked you what it is.  One common answer was urn.  Another answer was container for holding things such as drugs.

After William H. sent me a picture of another very similar pendant, I did some additional research and came up with my conclusion.  The item is what I believe to be a prayer box.  They come in different sizes, shapes and designs and can indeed be used to carry things such as those I just mentioned.

One site specializing in prayer boxes said that it is thought by some that prayer boxes originated in the Buddhist or Hindu faith.  They are today, however, used by many faiths as well as nonreligious people.  Prayer boxes are often used today as jewelry and worn for sentimental purposes.

Although they come in many shapes, styles and sizes, the one thing in common is that they are small containers for cherished items of religious or personal significance.

Bali and Indonesia are known for their prayer boxes, but others around the world craft prayer boxes as well.

Here is one example of a prayer box.

As you can see it could easily be used to hold many different types of small things.

... U.S. Navy divers, assisted by personnel from the Indonesian navy, will survey the World War II wreck of the cruiser USS Houston (CA 30) in June.
The purpose of the mission is to determine the vessel's current condition and provide real-world training to rescue and salvage divers in maneuvering around a sunken ship.

Here is the link for more about that.

If you are interested in military events and history, you might find this web site worth checking.

A very old Inca road to Machu Pichu was recently discovered.  It was previously hidden by vegetation.

One of the biggest keys to finding a lot is hunting a lot.

Tomorrow I'll show you some brand new Treasure Coast Spanish shipwreck finds from one of the salvage crews.

On the Treasure Coast we had some nice rain yesterday.  The wind continues out of the South.   The surf is down to around one foot, but we'll have a very nice high tide tonight.

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