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6/27/14 Report - How To Tell The Difference Between Philip II and Philip III Mexican Reales, Nice Gold Birthday Find & Action Cameras

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Nice White Gold Charm Found by Joan T.
Photo by Joan T.

Part of this post popped up yesterday before it was complete.  Sorry about that.

Joan T. found this nice white gold charm.  It was the perfect time too.  Just in time for her birtheday! Happy birthday Joan!   Cute swans and ballerina design.   How does it feel to be an adult now Joan?  For you readers, I'm just kidding about Joan's age.  I think she's been an adult for a little while.

Some of my most favorite finds were birthday finds.  I'll never forget one birthday weekend that netted a 1714 Mexican escudo and a 1982 American gold eagle coin.  That was fun.  Not only was it my first escudo, but to find an escudo the same weekend as finding a US gold coin, that was the topper.

Sometimes it feels like some finds have a special significance.   It is easy enough to see a personal significance in events like that. Maybe all things do happen for a reason.

A couple days ago we got a good look at a Mexican minted reale that the crew of the Capitana found on the Green Cabin wreck site.  The view of the reverse that I showed did not show any of the legend, as is often the case with found cobs.  Reales of this period did not show a date, however sometimes other clues to a date range might be found on these cobs.

Philip II and Philip III Mexico minted cobs might be found on this wreck site and would be a common time period for the Green Cabin.  Philip II reigned from 1556 to 1598 and Philip III reigned from 1598 to 1621.

Here are a couple of design differences that could provide information concerning which of the two kings were reigning when a cob of that time period was produced.

First, if you can look at the obverse of the coin (shield side), one  difference between Philip II and Philip III cobs would be the crown.  The base of the crown over the shield on Philip II reales would be an arch, while those of the Philip III period would be an oval.  That is one good example.

Another difference between reales minted under the two kings that might be apparent on the obverse would be in the legend when you can see it.  The legend would show a roman numeral II or III for the respective king, which would appear directly below the shield at close to the six o'clock position.

Here are two illustrations from Sewall Menzell's book that I've been using as a reference.

Here is a Philip II eight-reale.

Notice the arched base to the crown over the shield.

Also notice the roman numeral II directly under the shield in the legend.

Here is a Philip III reale.

Notice the more oval base to the crown and the roman numeral III under the shield in the legend.

Those are two examples that might help you determine the time period for Philip II or Philip III Mexico reales, which do not show a date.

Yesterday GoPro went public.  GoPro is the company that makes action cameras that you wear or stick on your surf board or dive helmet or whatever.  I used a GoPro camera in the past for some of the pictures that appeared in this blog.  I seldom use it now.

GoPro cameras are very well made.  They work very well.  At least that has been my experience.  The Flip Cams that I used for a while, on the other hand, seemed to have problems.   They weren't as well constructed.

My SonyCam has been doing an excellent job for both videos and stills.  The only problem with it, as far as I'm concerned, is that it isn't waterproof.

I've seen the guys on the Diggers TV show using a GoPro camera.  Sometimes they have one mounted on their detector rod pointing up at them.  You might have noticed some of those odd shots with the camera pointed up towards the detectorist.  Sometimes they mounted the camera on the rod and pointed it towards the ground.

For action videography, GoPro is a good choice.  Stick it on your hat or whatever and get a POV video.  It is fairly expensive, but very well made.  It is a good choice when you are genuinely doing action videography.

They are talking about making a GoPro media channel.

GoPro stock was up 30% much of the day yesterday.  And up that much again today.

Where did I find the following?  I don't remember.  It was a religious web site.  Maybe I'll find the source again later.

The patroness of Uruguay is known as The Virgin of the Thirty-Three. This unusual title derives from the time when 33 patriots landed on the beaches of Agraciada in 1825 to liberate the country. They headed on to Florida, went into a chapel and dedicated the future of the new nation to the Blessed Mother in front of a small wooden statue placed there by Jesuits in 1779

A lamp bought for $125 turns out to be worth up to $125,000.

La Salle's ship?

I started a discussion a couple of days ago about how the detecting community seems to have changed.  I talked about how a lot of the old hard-core guys were very secretive and in contrast, how much more we communicate these days, and as a result how much bigger the detecting community seems to be.

I'll continue with that discussion some day soon.

On the Treasure Coast nothing is changing.  Still very sandy conditions with a one to two foot surf for days to come.

Happy hunting,