Thursday, June 5, 2014

6/5/14 Report - New Type Diving Suit, Mary Medallion, Diamond Ring Find, Returned License, and Lost Ring

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This suit will be used to explore the Antikythera shipwreck in the deep waters of the Aegean Sea later this year.

Here is the link for more about that.

Silver Religious Medallion
Find and photo by William M.

William M. has been finding some things off-beach.

Here is a sterling silver Mary medallion that he found.

And below is the back of the same medallion. 

William is more interested in older sites and relics.

Thanks for sharing William.

On the Treasure Coast we are now down to around a two foot surf again. 

We had sunny skies and a south wind most of today.

The tides are almost flat now.  Not getting much tidal change at all lately.

Overall conditions remain poor, but with the surf decreasing we'll have easy water hunting again.

According to the predictions we'll have several days of two foot surf before it changes again.

Joan T. sent me a picture of a switch blade she found.  Also a current driver's license that she found in a park.

She put the license in an envelope and mailed it to the proper address.

Good work Joan.  Thanks!

You'll recall that I was talking about all the trash and dangerous items that detectorist remove from parks.  That is one more example.

Find and photo by Robert H.

Here is another bling ring found by Robert H.

On Kelly and Michael, or whatever they call that show, this morning they showed an engraved ring found in St. Petersburg by a detectorist.  If I heard his name correctly is was Don Osmond or something like that.  I presume not Donnie Osmond.

They showed the ring with the engraving on TV and asked whoever it was that owned the ring to call in.   The engraving was BART & SOMEBODY.  I can't remember the female name right now.  I wonder how many calls they got?

They said that the fellow, whatever his name was, had returned many rings.   I was surprised to see that on that show.  I wish I was paying attention at the time. 

Happy hunting,