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6/20/14 Report - 2000 Year-Old Gold Coin, Price of Silver and Gold, Chosen Ring, Returned Ring, & Beach Video

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Worn Gold Coin Found Dating To Around AD 64 or 65.
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In a breakthrough which defied two generations of diggers along Hadrian’s Wall, a volunteer French archaeologist has found the first gold coin at Vindolanda, the Roman site which has been intriguing excavators for almost 50 years.

Described as being “well-worn”, the confirmed aureus bears the image of the Emperor Nero, dating it to around AD 64 or 65. The precious currency was worth half a years’ salary for serving soldiers, but was lost on the northern outpost of the empire following 300 years in circulation...

Here is the link for the rest of the story.

As you might have noticed, the price of gold and silver increased around 4 percent each yesterday, as gold shot through the $1300 per ounce mark.  Gold ended at $1313.10 per ounce and silver, at $40.40 per ounce as the dollar fell.

If you are holding gold or silver finds, you might hang on a while if you think those metals will continue to increase.  

Here are a few prices and dates,from showing how the price of gold has increased over the years.  

Ending 2012, the price of gold was $1664, 
1954, it was 35.25,
1912, it was 20.67,
1867, it was 27.86
and 1808, 19.39.

Here is a link for more on gold prices.

Yesterday I showed a "Chosen" ring.  Those rings appear to be very popular right now.  

Being such a common ring, Robert H. has also found one.  I'm sure others have as well.

Chosen Ring and Two Silver Rings Found by Robert H.Photo by Robert H.

I still do not know if there is any specific reason that he word "Chosen" appears on the ring.

I also mentioned that there have been a lot of returned rings featured in the media lately.  Robert H. sent a photo of one of those happy moments too.  Thanks Robert!

One Happy Return
Submitted by Robert H.

Below is a quick video of a beach this morning near low tide.

Notice how wide the front beach is and how far out into the water the sand goes.

Also notice the dip behind the walking couple.

The dip is not well enough developed to be worth much, but that is one type of thing you should look for and notice.

I was surprised there wasn't more junk in the wet sand here.  In the first 30 or 40 minutes a ring and two ear rings were found.   I expected more aluminum than was found.

The three pieces of jewelry were found while only one coin was found.

There is enough jewelry on the beaches these days, but if you aren't hunting a rich or glitzy area, the jewelry is likely to be low quality.  That is one thing that happens when the price of gold is high, and of course when you hunt in an area that isn't very wealthy.  If you want to find better stuff, you might have to drive to an area where the density of quality finds will be higher.

Timing is very important these days.  It is especially important when beach detecting conditions are poor.  I should talk more about timing your hunt some time.

As you see from this video, beach detecting conditions are still poor.  Don't expect much to change any time real soon.  You can however find recent drops.

Happy hunting,