Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6/24/14 Report - More Land and Sea Treasures: Reale and Pad Lock & Port St. Lucie City Parks Dept. Rules On Metal Detecting,

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Another Reale Found by the Crew of the Capitana
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez.

I've been showing some of the finds made by the crew of the Capitana which has been working the Green Cabin wreck.

Yesterday I showed a reale which as far as I could tell was an early Potosi cob.

Here is another from the same wreck site.  This one is obviously a Mexican cob.

Just looking at what I can see on this side, that is about all I can tell about it right now.   I might be able to tell more from the style of castles and lions if I spend some time in research.

As you might know, a letter was sent to the director of the City of Port St. Lucie Parks and Recreation Dept., Sherman Conrad, asking the parks people to allow metal detecting in the city parks.  You might recall that one reader of this blog had been detecting the parks for some time and then one day was told he could no longer do that.

I received a copy of the response signed by Mr. Conrad via email from one of this blog's readers.   Here it is.

To sum it up, metal detecting is allowed in the PSL parks, however, digging and/or "disturbing" grass areas is an offense.   The fines are described in the letter.

Below are a couple of nice inland finds by William M.   Thanks for the photos William!

On the Treasure Coast there has been no change in detecting conditions for quite some time.  If you are a water hunter you might appreciate the smooth surf even if it is sandy.  That probably means you are looking for recent drops though.

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