Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/14 Report - Ring Finds, Commonly Counterfeited or Fake Coins & Silver Beach Reales Under Magnification

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The past couple of days I've been showing some of the recent shipwreck treasure finds recovered by the crew of the Capitana.  Today I have some modern finds.   The pearl ring is Robert's first pearl ring.

Rings Found by Robert H.
Ring Found by Robert H.Photos submitted by Robert H

I've talked about the problem of fake or counterfeit coins before. I've shown some that have been found on the beaches.  Here is a list of some of the most common counterfeit coins.

The most frequently seen counterfeit or altered U.S. coins, according to PCGS's 2004 book Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection, include the following.

  • 1856 Flying Eagle cent
  • 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent
  • 1955 double-die Lincoln cent
  • 1916-D Mercury dime
  • Cincinnati commemorative half dollar
  • 1804 Bust dollar (a million dollar rarity)
  • 1893-S Morgan dollar
  • Saint-Gaudens high-relief double eagle
  • 1914-D Lincoln cent
  • 1922 Lincoln cent
  • 1943 bronze Lincoln cent
  • 1912-S Liberty Head nickel
  • 1913 Liberty Head nickel (a million dollar rarity)
  • 1937-D three-legged Buffalo nickel
  • 1944 copper-nickel Jefferson nickel
  • 1799 Bust dollar

The above list comes from an article on counterfeit coins which you can find by using the following link.  Check it out.

I enjoy looking at old coins under a microscope.  You can see interesting things - maybe even find an error such as a date over-strike or die crack.  

If you look closely at beach found reales, they have a distinctive look.  You will see the oxidized silver and some other distinctive things.

Edge of Beach Found Silver Reale at
200 Power Magnification.

End of Florenza Cross on Half Reale
200 Power Magnification.

Famous Steeler head coach Chuck Noll passed away Friday.  You probably know of him whether you were ever a Steeler fan or not.  Being a Hall of Fame coach, he was often quoted.  Here is one of his famous quotes that I thought I would reflect on today.

 The thrill isn't the winning, it's in the doing.  I believe that applies to life in general, including treasure hunting, as much as football.  Football is nothing more than a game, no matter how big a deal it is to some people.  But what I want to address, is how true that saying is of treasure hunting,   If you focus on the finds (the winning), you'll be happy sometimes, but tired and discouraged and maybe even angry during those times when you can't find a zinc penny to save your life.  I think detectorists who have those highs and lows as they succeed or fail have a good chance of quiting.  Those who enjoy the process, win or lose will stick at it and eventually succeed.

Eyes open, ears open - sun, wind, waves, sand, detectors hum - there you are.  Enjoy it.  Suck it in.  It's life - the most precious thing of all.

On the Treasure Coast June 21 is nearing and we're getting some good big tides.

The surf is going to be just a touch bumpier the next couple of days, getting smooth again after that.

Happy hunting,