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6/12/14 Report - Another Gold Grill, Mystery Object, Relics Found & More Millionaires My Patoot

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Another Found Gold Grill
Find and photo by Jeff C.

Here is a find by Jeff C.   Oh no!  Not another grill!

People seem to be losing these things left and right. 

,Jeff said,  I had to laugh when I saw the photo of the grill. Two weeks ago in the wpb  area I found one. See photo. I brought mine to the coin store in psl. where I turned it into 2 beautiful Morgan's and $11.. ($52 total for gold).. Thanks for your blog.......Jeff C. Psl...

Imagine you are digging an old site that dates back to something like the 1500s and you found one of these and you didn't know anything about it,  what would you think it is?   Who would you think wore it and why?  Do you think your interpretation would be very accurate?

My interpretation would probably be wrong.

Mystery Find by Robert H.

You might enjoy this basic article on archaeological interpretation.  Here is the link.

Here is find by Robert H.   This one is a mystery item.  What do you think it is?

Let me know.

SDC 2300 Folded for Travel.

The Minelab SDC 2300 is now available for order for just under $4000.  

I like how it folds up.  Nice and compact.

It isn't for everybody though.  The price is steep and it is a gold nugget shooting detector.

An archaeological study is being conducted of a hippie commune where the Grateful Dead and other musicians of the period gathered.  Vinyl records found at the site indicate a more diverse background than was expected.

No, this isn't a joke.   And I don't know what they expected.

Finds and photos by William M., above and below.

Here are a few really neat finds from William M. who has been detecting in Alachua County.

Wonder what happened to the old sausage plant that was planned to become a technology/research center back in the 70s? 

Thanks to William, Jeff and Robert for sharing their great finds and photos.

I get a lot of questions about laws concerning metal detecting.  Those are almost always near impossible for me to answer.  

As you saw in our discussion concerning the St. Lucie City Parks, there were no rules against detecting but there were rules against digging and damaging or removing plants and things.  The result was that they decided to not allow detecting - at least in one case that we know about.   Hopefully they'll change that decision.

The applicable laws or rules depend upon who owns or has jurisdiction over the property.  There can be federal, state, county, city and other laws.   It can get very complex and confusing. 

There are also specific historic and archaeological sites, which may not be marked, that are protected.  Also protected vegetation is very common on our dunes.

The leased salvage and exploration areas in the water are also difficult to explain simply.  You have to know the center point of each leased site and be able to determine the circular or semi-circular boundaries.

As a result I can not answer most of the questions that I get about laws concerning metal detecting.  There are no simple answers for general questions about the laws.  It is simply too complex and I don't know all of it anyway. 

I keep seeing articles about all of the millionaires that are being created today.  That is highly misleading.  A dollar doesn't buy much today.  A dollar in 1970 would buy you more than five times than what a dollar would get you today.  That means that today's "millionaire" has less than 200,000 in 1970 dollars. 

Someone hoping to live off of their life savings won't make much in interest off of a million dollars today with the super low interest rates.  A CD or something safe making 1% would only get you around $10,000 in income for a year.  Not enough to live on, and certainly not the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  More like a poverty level income.

Make the dollar worth 5 cents and we'll have many more millionaires.  That shouldn't convince anyone that the economy is booming and people are getting rich though.

On the Treasure Coast today we still have little surf and South winds.  The tides are getting bigger though.  Nothing that will change beach detecting conditions much though.

Happy hunting,