Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6/3/14 Report - New Sand at Fort Pierce Eroding, Gold Rings, Indian Head Penny and Shark Attack in the Intercoastal

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The above picture shows the typical beach on the Treasure Coast now.  Not very promising at all.

The picture below is of Fort Pierce South Jetty Park.  It isn't typical.  It has recently been renourished. 

The cliff at the bottom of the photo was over six feet and straight down.  Some drunk could come out there at night and walk right over it. 

The newly added sand which you see at the bottom of that picture is comprised of course broken shells.  It is a yellow brown sand.

There is also some very fine powder that was dumped on this beach, which I wouldn't even call sand.  You can see that lighter color material above the people in the picture.

The erosion up in that area was exposing pieces of aluminum cans that were dumped on the beach along with the so-called sand.  It was filled with a lot of junk aluminum and very little else.

I really have a hard time finding any benefit in this most recent project.  

Small Gold Ring
Find and photo by Robert H.

Here is another of the three small rings found by Robert H. in a fresh water lake recently.

And below is another ring find photo submitted by Robert.  Not the same fresh water lake.

Ring Found by Robert H.
Photo by Robert H.

Dan B. found an Indian Head penny.  It was a 1905.

Below is the photo of that find.

1905 Indian Head Penny
Find and photo by Dan B.
It isn't surprising that a lot of the finds lately have been coming from places other than the beach.

Here is a nice web site that gives the values of Indian Head pennies.


I have a lot more find photos to show, but I'll have to get back to that some other time.

Here are a couple of detectorists that were out yesterday afternoon.

Couple Treasure Coast Detectorists on June 2.
I'll continue the discussion that I started yesterday some other time.

I reported once on watching a shark swim down the Indian River.  A girl recently was injured by a shark in the Intercoastal Waterway at Fort Lauderdale. 

Here is that link.


The surf on the Treasure Coast today is up to about five feet.  The tide is pretty flat.  The waves, unfortunately, are still hitting from the east/southeast.

If perception is reality, so is deception.  Quote from the TreasureGuide.

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