Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/8/14 Report - Gold Grin, Bunch of Great Old Finds & Tip On Returning Finds

Written by the treasureguide for the exclusive use of

Finds by Robert H.

Despite the poor conditions, there are things being found.

Here is a jaw dropping find from Robert H.

On the right is a grill.  Probably 14K.

I've found a few sets of false teeth.  One time a young girl asked me to hunt for her retainer.  Unfortunately I didn't find that.

Every detectorists should have a gold grill, don't you think?  If you see a detectorists wearing a gold grill, you can figure it is Robert.  Just kidding, of course.  He said they didn't fit.  Just kidding again.

Anyhow gold grills sell for over $200.  Below is a link if you want to see what you can get in the way of grills.  Some are really glitzy.

The other day I mentioned that they showed a ring found on the West Coast of Florida on the Kelly and Michael show.  That was a bad move.  That is why I said I wondered how many calls they would get.

I've talked about that in the past.  People will claim items that do not belong to them if you give them the chance.

Bill P., who gave us his coin cleaning instructions way back years ago, and which I still use today, said the following.

I have discovered ... that when attempting to return a jewelry item, I ALWAYS ask the caller to identify any markings or names. NEVER divulge that info at the beginning. You will get so many calls and sob stories, you'll wish you didn't even try to return it. -Bill

Thanks for that good reminder Bill.  

I haven't said much about that lately.  I try to avoid repeating but probably should repeat some things once in a while. 

Never show a found item until after you have a good detailed description.  When possible get the description in as much detail as possible before hunting.  And when an item is found, keep it concealed as much as possible until the owner gives enough to prove that he or she is indeed the owner.  

I've learned that from experience.  People do try to claim things that do not belong to them.  You want the item returned to the real owner, not an imposter.

I can't believe that Tesoro still offers a Lifetime warranty!  I have two detectors that they claim has exceeded their Lifetime warranty.  They no longer have the necessary parts on stock so they won't repair them.  Don't be fooled by the Lifetime warranty offer.  If necessary they'll claim that there is corrosion in the electronics or something in order to say the warranty has been violated, but the fact is that they no longer have the parts.

You'll notice that some detector manufacturers will declare a model obsolete when they no longer can get the parts to repair them.

Here are some pictures of some really nice old finds from GoldNugget.

He found all this in one day - eleven hours of detecting.  That's fantastic.   And a real hot spot.

Congratulations on the finds!

High water exposes war dead that were buried on the Marshall Islands. 

Here is the link for more about that.

On the Treasure Coast don't expect more than about a two foot surf for the coming week.  The tides are getting just a touch bigger.

Happy hunting,