Saturday, June 14, 2014

6/14/14 Report - Just In! Great Treasure Coast Treasure Finds by Capitana Crew, Price of Gold Increases and Site of the Mary Rose

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Ornate Silver Box Recovered by Crew of Capitana
Photo submitted by Capt. Martinez

Great news just in from one of the salvage crews working the Treasure Coast.

I just got this via email from Captain Martinez.

He said, The boys on the Capitana have been hard at work finding some great artifacts, some silver coins one copper, a beautiful silver box with the top very ornate carved and figures on all sides, along with a nice bronze bell, also a silver or pewter intact platter...

Congratulations to Brent, Bill, Jonah and Tony!!

We're expecting more finds and photos real soon.

How about that ornate silver box!  Very nice!

Below is a great bronze bell they found.  They're not working very far out from the beach.  If you go by you'll be able to see them.

Olive Jar Rim Found by the Crew of the Capitana
Photo submitted by Captain Martinez
Bronze Bell
Find by Crew of the Capitana
Photo submitted by Captain Martinez.

And below is a silver or pewter platter.  Great stuff guys!  Congrats!

Nice Platter Find by the Capitana Crew
Photo submitted by Captain Martinez

 They also found some silver coins and a copper coin.

The price of gold is now around $1277, which is way off of the March highs.  The last few days, though, it has increased a bit, probably due in part to the turmoil in the world.

Experts described the investigation – the first major dive to the underwater remains of the Mary Rose shipwreck in nine years – as “very successful”.

Coinciding with the anniversary of the new Mary Rose Museum, divers placed a datalogger on the seabed and a high-tech buoy on the surface of the water, beaming back information to scientists via satellite.

“Everything is now deeply buried and this will preserve what remains on the seabed into the future,” said Christopher Dobbs, a Maritime Archaeologist from the Mary Rose Trust who has dived at the site more than 1,000 times.

Here is the link for more about that.

On the Treasure Coast expect one or two days of one foot surf, followed by a very slight increase.

The tides are still nice and big.  Otherwise, no there is no change in beach detecting conditions.

Happy Father's Day.  My dad has been gone a few years now.  And it seems I can look back and understand him a little better than I did in the past.  Not that it should have taken me so long, but I guess a person tends to learn with time, hopefully.

Anyhow, it is good to express things before it is too late.  Time flies.

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