Friday, October 16, 2015

10/16/15 Report - Beach Conditions Starting To Improve This Morning. Different Times and Stages For Detecting. Items That Sell Well.

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South Hutchinson Island Beaches This Morning Before High Tide

It looks like we're finally transitioning from summer beach conditions.

From what I saw this morning, beach conditions are improving.  In my opinion not enough to increase my beach conditions rating quite yet, however it might be the start of something.

The wind changed yesterday and blew some last night so I thought I'd go see what, if anything, was happening.

These beaches were eroding well before high tide.  I'd expect more later.

The water isn't getting up as high on the beach as it did when we had the high tides, but at least there is some erosion.

The erosion I saw ran for probably a mile.  It wasn't big though - less than two feet at the highest and usually less.

The surfing web site says we're going to have a small surf today and tomorrow, increasing slightly Sunday and then Monday up to something like eight feet.

Funny how we got this erosion with such a small surf.  I always say that the size of the waves isn't the only thing that matters.  Angles are very important.

Hopefully we'll get some decent angles when the surf gets big.


Life is short and passes quickly.  You only have so much time, and can only do so many things. With your time you can either dabble in a lot of different things or dive into one thing and do it very well.

My detecting and professional life have both been varied.  I've done a lot of things, but managed to do some of them fairly well.

There have been definite stages in my detecting.  When I started detecting, I hunted coins, kept track of my coin finds and gradually got better and was able to find more and more coins.

That stage passed as I became more interested in finding jewelry. That progressed in steps and stages too.  I became primarily a shallow water hunter.  I changed how I hunted and got a detector that was excellent for finding gold in salt water environments.  I got into detecting very radically for a while.

Where I lived was a very important factor.  It offered a lot of good jewelry and also good water hunting conditions.

While I was doing consulting work and traveling around the country doing  work for organizations such as the Navy, Federal Express and Martin Marietta, I got to detect a lot of different places.  I liked detecting the lakes around Minneapolis and the beaches and historic areas around Pensacola, for example.  My jewelry hunting strategies and techniques worked well in those different places.

Then there was the period between jobs before I went back to university teaching.  I had a few months between jobs, and it was during that period that I was able to prove to myself that I could make a decent living at detecting if that was what I wanted to do.

I spent a lot of time detecting during that period and did some really intense detecting.  I spent a lot of time hunting and worked very difficult conditions, including very rough water.  I even did some dangerous things that I wouldn't be stupid enough to try now.

One thing I kind of regret is not going to Columbia when I was invited to be a keynote speaker at a computer education conference at Antonio Nurino Unversity.   There were travel advisories at the time because of the drug wars.  I'd love to detect there, but probably never will now.

Eventually I moved to the Treasure Coast.  Then I got more into finding old things.  The old jewelry hunting techniques still worked well when I wanted to do that.  I had to learn the new local beaches though.  I still don't know the Treasure Coast beaches as I knew the South Florida beaches.

Hunting old stuff is different from hunting modern stuff.  You have to use different strategies and techniques for optimal results.

I'm no longer as intense about detecting as I once was.  My family situation has changed and my priorities have changed.  Maybe I've matured some.   When the hurricanes hit, I didn't even get out to the beaches because I had other priorities.  I missed out on a lot of good finds when I missed out on some of the best hunting conditions, but like I said, my priorities have changed.


According to Kovels Komments

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Don't ignore jewelry finds just because they are costume jewelry.  They can still be worth something.


The main thing today is the improving conditions.  Keep watching to see what happens the next couple of days.

Happy hunting,