Friday, October 9, 2015

10/9/15 Report - Survey Of Some Vero and Sebastian Area Beaches. Holed Two Reale Recently Found. Beach Emeralds.

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Find and Photo by Andy.

I was talking about holed coins recently and showed a couple yesterday that were hung on a crucifix.

Here is a 1819 2-reale from the Mexico mint recently found on an Indian River County beach.

Notice the hole and the amount of wear displayed by this silver coin.

I received the email below from Andy, who found this coin.

Hi. First I want to thank you for your blog! I have read every post since you started...
multiple times in fact. In late 2009 I eyeballed a replica treasure coin before I ever touched a metal detector and sent a photo to you. You verified that it was fake but launched my interest in the subject. Since then I have used your knowledge through the blog to learn the art of beach detecting. I can't thank you enough for what I have learned. I am a local government official involved in the veroman site and other local historic sites so I love your insight on these topics. Recently your post on holed coins grabbed my interest. A few weeks ago I found a holed coin north of vero on a non treasure wreck beach along with a small ship spike. Today your post included an image of a cross up for auction with two reales attached. The coins look very similar to the one I found. I would love for you to look at the coin I found and offer your thoughts. Thank you! -andy

Thanks for sharing Andy.  

If anyone else has found a similar period coin on a beach north of Vero, I'd like to hear about it. Maybe we can come up with some ideas or maybe some theories about possible sources.


Amber Sand Beach This Morning After High Tide
Some of the Treasure Coast beaches are definitely improving.  But they aren't there yet.

They are losing sand.  There are some big cuts at the back of the beach in the old renourishment sand.  There are even some small cuts in front of that.  But the slopes are mushy.

I took a look at Rio Mar, which was not good at all, Turtle Trail, which was definitely improved, and Seagrape Trail, which was not as much improved as Turtle Trail.  Wabasso had a mushy slope.   Amber Sands, was somewhat improved.

There is so much renourishment sand still out there.

I'd say there will be a few cobs found somewhere, but the chances are slim for most detectorists.  I'm not going to increase my beach conditions rating yet, despite the improvement that is occurring.

I did not get to see what the bottom of the slope was like because the tide was still fairly high when I was out there.  I wish I would have been able to go out at low tide so I could have seen if there were any dips near the low tide line.

Seagrape and Turtle Trails This Morning After High Tide.

Notice the dip and the cliff up by the steps in this last photo.

The biggest disappointment was the mushiness of the slopes.  I wish I would have been there nearer low tide so I could have seen the low tide area.

This is a good first step for the Fall/Winter season.  I hope things continue to develop.

Yesterday I showed what the South Hutchinson Island wreck beaches looked like.


A few days ago I showed an emerald found on a Treasure Coast beach.  Bill F. had this to say.

Several years ago, when I was more active in beach hunting, knew a guy
who had found several (around 50) emeralds, all in one location. He didn't
divulge the location, and I didn't press him.  Many doubted his claim,
but after talking with him, I had no reason to doubt him.

He was turned onto the location by a lady who had walked the beach

every day for years.  I've lost touch with him, but wish him the best.   Bill F.

Thanks Bill


Happy hunting,