Monday, October 19, 2015

10/19/15 Report - Early Edition and Follow Up. Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Increased To A Level 2. Beach Survey.

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I'm increasing my detecting conditions rating to a 2 for now.  I'm sure it would be higher if it wasn't for all of the renourishment sand on so many beaches.

I expect to be back with more later today.

That is all for now.


I'm back.  I took a look at some beaches yesterday, and the wind blew all night, so wasn't surprised to see some additional erosion this morning.   The change wasn't dramatic though.

Here is what Douglas beach looked like yesterday afternoon.

Three Foot Cut Along Douglas Beach Sunday Afternoon.
The cut at Douglas yesterday was bigger and more continuous than the cut at John Brooks.

Here is was it looked like at John Brooks as high tide approached this morning.

John Brooks Around Noon Today.
The is a lot of sand right in front of the beach here that prevents that surge from getting to the cut with a lot of force.

I also didn't like the angle - too easterly, which was the case everywhere.  I'd really like to see the waves coming more from the north or northeast.

Pepper Park Before The High Tide.
There wasn't much erosion at Pepper.  As is always the case, some places were much more eroded than others.

But Out In The Middle of Nowhere Today.
Not all erosion is at a beach access or public park.  Sometimes you have to walk a ways to find a good cut.  The one shown immediately above was the largest that I saw all day other than the old cliffs at the back of some beaches.

The peak of this cut was four plus feet.  The cut at Douglas was more like three feet.

North of Turtle Trail Looking South.
This cut at Turtle Trail was more like two feet.  In front of this, there was a dip developing between the beach and the front of the beach.

A lot of detectorists were out this morning.  I watched a couple of fellows detect along the foot of this cut while I was lower on the slope.  On my way back, I decided to check out the foot of the cut too and was surprised to find a good number of deep clad (over six inches) right along the foot of the cut.  I thought they had probably removed most of the targets from there.  Evidently not the deep ones.  There were a good number of iron targets lower on the slope and a few other things.I'

Yesterday at John 'Brooks there was a line of deep aluminum near the water line.

Yesterday I posted a few beach pictures but lost them somehow.


We're expecting the same size surf along the Treasure Coast tomorrow.  I was hoping for more of a northeast wind and waves, but it doesn't look like we're going to get it.  As a result I'm not expecting a lot of improvement.  I'm sure there will be some improvement some places but deterioration at other places.

I'm keeping my beach conditions rating at a 2.  It would definitely be higher if it wasn't for all of the renourishment sand and all the sand that accumulated this summer.

I'll have some find photos for tomorrow and perhaps a few other things.

Happy hunting,