Friday, October 23, 2015

10/23/15 - Treasure Beaches Report Detectorist of the Month Award.


October 2015
Treasure Beaches Report Detectorist of the Month Award

awarded to
Warren Dennison


Here is what happened, as told by Warren Dennison.

I responded to a lost wedding ring ad in the Spacecoast, Florida craigslist.

The ring was lost on Oct 3 in Indialantic, Florida on the beach during high surf across the street from Beach Bodies Gym. I made about 8 trips and finally recovered it today and returned it to the owner. She and her husband are body builders. The ring was 5.8 grams white gold and many diamonds. I asked her what it was worth and she said it cost $6K. Makes it my third ring recovery in about 2 and a half years.

I found it at low tide, low on the slope of wet sand after following a trail of old coins, a quarter, nickel and dime and a small piece of a charm that said "2 peas in a pod". I gave her the coins and piece of charm and said these are your lucky pieces.

I found it with my Excal 800 with a 12 x 15 SEF coil, pinpoint mode and custom beach scoop.

I'll meet with her husband this weekend. I plan on showing them the exact spot on the beach where I recovered the items.

The pic is the owner with me in the gym. Notice I don't frequent a gym.

Warren Dennison

Lost Ring Found by Warren Dennison.
Photo by Warren Dennison.
Happy Owner Showing Returned Ring With Warren.
Photo submitted by Warren.
Thank you Warren!  You represented the metal detecting hobby with distinction.