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10/28/15 Report - One Reason To Research Finds. Returned Ring Makes TV News. Heart-Shaped Cob Bringing Good Price In Sedwick Auction.

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Finds and Photo by Robert H.

Here are some finds by Robert H.,  who says you should be sure to research your finds.  An item like the silver ring shown here would scrap for a few dollars, but Robert found that the German-made Hermes ring retails for $910. That makes it worth doing the research.

Watch for collector pieces. Silver itemsmade by certain designers can be valuable. 

Vintage costume jewelry can be worth more than you might think too.

A lot of the time, jewelry found on a beach will not be in good condition, and that can dramatically decrease the value.

Silver Hermes Ring Found By Robert.
Photo by Robert H.

Neat Small Watch Found by Robert.
Photo by Robert H.

I reported on Warren Dennison finding a lost wedding ring and being able to return it to the owner.
That story appeared on WESH TV.

Here is the link to the video.

A new Florida magazine has also inquired about the story.


The floor bidding will begin on Thursday for the upcoming Sedwick Coin auction.  The auction features a variety of heart-shaped cobs and royals.

One of the hearts with the lowest listed beginning bid already has online bids of over three time the low starting bid.  Here is the item description.

Lima, Peru, cob 2 reales Royal, 1732N, cut into Heart shape, very rare. S-L21; KM-unl. (cf. R32); CT-unl. 5.28 grams. Choice full pillars and cross in true medallic alignment, rather accurately Heart-shaped but cut that way post-minting (note the low weight), with holes at top and bottom of cross, beautifully toned AXF, interesting pedigree to a small collection of (genuine) Hearts sold together in 1985. Pedigreed to the Coin Galleries (Stack's) auction of July 1985 (lot #1123).

Sedwick Coins Auction Lot No. 581.
Source of photo: online auction catalog.

Here is the link to that section of the auction, which you can view online.


Wednesday the Treasure Coast will get a south wind and have something like a 2 - 4 foot surf.

Some beaches will probably be filling back in.

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