Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10/21/15 Report - Beach Conditions Still At A 2 Rating. Finds Being Made. Beach Configuration.

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Beach This Morning Near Low Tide.
What I wanted to show in this first pictujre is the crease at the water line.  I don't think there is a term for that, so I'll have to make up my own.

You will find the same front beach configuration including the crease on the beaches of South Hutchinson Island as well as those as far away as Turtle and Seagrape Tails.   That is a good distance, and they aren't even the same type of beaches (as I classify them),  I find it interesting that beaches so far apart developed in exactly the same way and exhibit such similar features.

The pile of sand in front of the beach is protecting the beach from the waes to some extent.  The waves are breaking farther out and then the surge is rolling in over that pile of sand.

At the crease there is a thin layer of sand over shells.  The front edge of the crease is being pealed away and the shells pushed up onto the beach in some spots.

There has been a lot of targets near the low tide line - both in St. Lucie and Indian River County beaches.

Cut Over Three Feet High Just Behind the Crease Shown Above.
There was a lot of fishing litter (sinkers, spoons, etc.) close to the crease as well as a good bit of iron (nails etc.).

At the beach shown here, there was a long coin line up the slope a little ways.  Many of the coins and other targets in the coin line were under a foot or so of sand, which was covering a layer of shells.  As you get farther from the crease the layer of shells was under more sand.

Simplified Illustration Showing Side View of Beach Such As The One Shown Above.

The brown line shows the cliff and slope down to what I'm calling the crease.

Under that is the shell line, which I doubt is a actually a straight line, but it appeared to be fairly straight today - just going from what I observed when I dug holes down to the shell later.

As you go back from the crease the shell line was deeper under the sand, and the targets were generally deeper.  There were a few exceptions where coins were more shallow and a couple very near the surface.  The surface coins were up closer to the cliff and towards the middle of the line.

If you didn't have a deep seeking detector, you wouldn't have found many of the coins in that coin line.  I got really tired digging so many deep coins.  I'm getting too old.

I haven't really analyzed all of this thoroughly yet.  I think that the surface coins were more recently washed out of the cliff.

I've seen many times when a lot of targets were resting on top of a deeper layer of shells,  That definitely appeared to be the case today.

I suspect that closer to the cliff there are lot of targets on the layer of shells that were too too deep to be detected.  They can be exposed if and when some of the top layer of sand on the slope is moved. That could happen for a distance along the slope or as a dip in one area.

I didn't plan to get into all of that and maybe should have waited, but that is what I was thinking about today.


After a very slow summer I finally increased by beach detecting conditions rating.  I think that was the first time since about January.  Anyhow, I said yesterday things would be found and I would stick with my 2 rating.  There were more finds today.

Captain Jonah sent me this report.

I myself didn't find much but I was witness to at least 5 cobs found this morning beaches looked worse this morning. But just goes to show treasure is being found. X2 1/2 reales x2 1 reales and X1 2 reale. One lady was showing me her finds and was so surprised when I picked up a Spanish 1/2 out of her find she had no idea ,I made her day. I'm sure more will be found. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the report.  I need to get reports to get a feeling about how accurate my ratings have been.  I go on my own observations, but it sure helps to have reports from other people.

Congratulations to that lady who found her first reale.  That is always fun.

The next two days the beaches won't change much.  The surf is supposed to be about the same and the wind is supposed to be about the same.  I'll stick with my 2 (improved) beach conditions rating.

Sometime in the near future I'll post a poll to get some numbers on how much was found this week.  It sure has been a pleasant change.

I was busy today, and it took me a while to do that simple illustration, so that will be about it for today.  Hope I didn't make too many mistakes.  I got a lot of good stuff that I put off posting after the beach conditions improved.  I'll eventually get back to it.

Happy hunting,