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10/18/16 Report - BIG SURF Coming. Ferdinand VII Reale Find. Silver Sea Salvaged Forks. Pewter Fork Handle.

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Predicted Surf From The MagicSeaWeed Site
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The first thing I want to talk about today is the predicted surf chart from the MagicSeaWeed web site.

5 - 7 feet is still predicted for Monday.  That is good enough by itself, but then we also have around five feet predicted for the rest of the week leading up to as much as 12 feet for next Sunday.

There is a good chance that the 12 foot surf will not happen, yet it could.  All in all, that is the most promising thing I've seen all year.


Coin Find and Photos By GoldNugget

Here is a nice old "holed" coin found by GoldNuggeet on a North Carolina beach.

It is very worn, but I think it is Ferdinand VII, which would make it 1808 - 1833.

The date would be at the bottom of the portrait, but I can't make it out.

Notice the counterstamp "RSH".  Anyone know more about that?  If so, let me know.

The legend on this side should be something like DEI . GRATIA . year . FERDIN . VII

Below is shown the other side of the same coin.

The mint mark and assayer should be to the upper left of the left column.

The denomination should be left of the left column at about the 9 o'clock position.

I can not make those out.  Maybe it is F dot M above the column - not sure.

The legend on this side should be HISPAN . ET. IND . REX . NG . followed by the denomination and mint mark and assayer initial.
If you can correct any of this or add some information, please send me an email.


One of the things that caught my interest at the Queens Jewels conservation lab in Sebastian is the number of silver forks.

Silver Forks At The Conservation Lab
That is a nice collection. They seem to all be very similar.

Unfortunately the State of Florida, according to what I hear, hasn't settled the 2014 salvage contract yet, so those finds won't be available for viewing or study through the state for some time.  You'd think they'd be interested in obtaining items that they determine have the most interest for the citizens of the state.  As it is, you probably have a better chance of seeing them here.  As I've shown before, most people who have viewed Florida's sea-salvaged history have done so at a private museum or display rather than through the Florida collection.

On the subject of forks, here is what has been identified as an 18th Century fork handle. This is an entirely different type, as you can see.

Ornately Decorated Pewter Fork Handle

This pewter fork handle, if that is indeed what it is, was found on a 1715 Fleet beach years ago.  I've heard that handles like this were filled with a type of plaster or wood.  I haven't seen any examples in artifact databases or anywhere.


I'll be looking for the predicted increase in surf later today and hopefully we'll actually see the increase that is predicted for Monday.  Time will tell - real soon.

If you can correct or add to what I said about either the reale or fork handle, please do.

Happy hunting,