Tuesday, November 10, 2015

11/10/15 Report - Artifacts Found On Treasure Coast Beaches In The Past. Baby Dinosaur. Tropical Storm Kate.

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Items Found On Treasure Coast Beach With Sea Shells.
Here are some artifacts found on Treasure Coast beaches.  They were found when shell piles appeared on the beach.  Things like this will appear all along the Treasure Coast.

There have been a few times when I was detecting and a someone came up to me and asked me about an arrow head they just found.  You don't have to be looking for them, but they are occasionally out there to be found.

If you keep your eyes open while you detect you might see something like these.

I forgot to put a coin or something for size comparison in the photo, but it isn't really needed because the round shell piece on the bottom right is the same size as a U. S. quarter.

The item on the left is a large piece of a shell.  It is quite thick.  I'll show the other side below.

The arrow head is made of agatized coral.

Agatized coral is the state stone of Florida.


I'm not sure of the material of the quarter-size round shell.  It might not be a finished object.  Or it might be a discoidal.  I don't know.

The round object at the upper right of the photo is a discoidal and is very concave on both sides.  I'm not sure what it is made of.

Discoidals vary in size and shape.  I find it hard to believe they were all used the same way.  The common interpretation is that they were used in games.

Authentic Head Knocker In Very Exceptional Condition.
This head knocker is owned by an avid enthusiast and expert from up north.  It is from the Mid-West. It is in very excellent condition.  You'll never find one of those on the beach.

That is just a reminder today.


The fossil of a baby pentaceratop was discovered in the New Mexico desert and it is currently the only one on the planet. After years of excavations, the researchers were finally able to move the fossil to Albuquerque with the help of the National Guard, which employed a Blackhawk helicopter to airlift the precious finding...

Here is the link for that story and the video.



Tripical Storm Kate is out by the Bahamas.  It is predicted to go out into the Atlantic.

Expect about a 2 -4 foot surf today.

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