Thursday, November 12, 2015

11/12/15 Report - Time To Get Out Of An Old Rut - Try Something New. Revolutionary War Era Artifacts.

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Every once in a while it would be a good idea to stop and take a fresh look at what you do.  It is easy to fall into a rut without realizing it.

I was watching a TV show the other day - Oak Island Curse - and saw a fellow with an tank and dive gear get into about eight inches of muddy water.  On his stomach with his mask in the mud, he felt around for a target.

Are you kidding me?  It made me question the entire show.  It was hard to take it seriously after that. I just couldn't believe that.  That wasn't the only thing that they should have done differently, but to me it was one of the most ridiculous.

Then there were the disappearing detector signals.  I can think of at least one way how it could have happened other than operator error, but they seemed to just throw up their hands and take and accept it as an unexplainable mystery.  There were ways they could have verified the original signals, but they didn't do anything to investigate the supposed "disappearing" signals.

I've seen a similar type of thing on the Treasure Coast when a diver was hunting a lost engagement ring in very shallow water.  But in that case, it wasn't long before the diver realized he would be better off standing up.  He got a detector with a longer rod and stood up.  That was in front of the Courtyard Marriott down by Jensen Beach. Of course the water wasn't muddy there.

Sometimes it is better to stop what you are doing and approach things a little differently.  Diving isn't the only way to get things in water, especially when it is shallow.   And metal detecting isn't the only way to find metal objects things.

Habit isn't a good substitute for thinking.  There are always other approaches, and sometimes investigating another approach can really pay off.   Sometimes it doesn't work so good, but at least you find out if it works or not.

How many times have you given up on an overgrown lot or left areas undetected because of weeds or brush?  It isn't really all that difficult to remove those kinds of obstacles.

The same goes for trash.  And there are ways to remove trash without using a metal detector and digging up each one individually.  Try a magnetic rake.  Or just pick up or move larger items.  There is always more than one way to do things.

As for getting under water, did you ever think of attaching your detector coil to an extra length of PVC.  That has been done with good results.  Or sticking a camera on the end of a pipe.  Or using a suction dredge.

I know that those techniques might not always be the best, but sometimes they can be very effective. Not only can they open up new virgin ground, but it can be a lot of fun to come up with new techniques.

I like creative approaches.  It is too easy to fall into old habits.  And doing the same old thing will probably bring the same old result.  If you are happy with that fine.  Otherwise try some new approaches.

Is your goal to metal detect, or is your goal to find something.  There are times when there are good alternatives to metal detecting.  Sifting is one.  There are others.

I think my point today is pretty clear and not at all complex.  Think.  Don't be afraid to be creative. Experiment.  Try other approaches.  It can be fun, informative, and possibly profitable.


Here is a cool web siste.

You can use that site to view Revolutionary War era artifacts, coin, buttons, etc.

Here is the link to the button section.

You'll see American, British and French buttons.  It has a good selection.


A ten foot surf is now predicted for next Thrusday and Friday.  That could get interesting.  Or, it could change.

Keep thinking,