Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/25/15 Report - Survey Of Some Treasure Coast Treasure Beaches Today. Even Bigger Surf Predicted,

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John Brooks Beach This Morning Before Low Tide.
Rio Mar Near Low Tide Today.
North of Seagrape Trail This Morning Before Low Tide.
Beach At Ambersandss This Morning.
I'm not going to type much today.  I'm getting into a holiday mood.

I did take a look at a variety of Treasure Coast beaches this morning and early afternoon.  As you can see they all had seaweed.  There were no shells anywhere.  Just sand.

The waves today were pretty much straight from the east.

One thing that you will notice is the sand on the front of the beach.  At low tide the sand extends far out to the east.  That is where the eroded sand went.  It was dragged out and now is in front of the beach.  That keeps a lot of water force away from the beach.

I didn't see anything that would make me increase my beach detecting conditions rating scale yet.

Overall there was no improvement in beach conditions since yesterday.

I did some detecting and found a good number of clad coins at one beach.  There are some spots where you can find coin holes, but from what I've seen cobs are very scarce.  I did not look north of McClarty, so maybe things were different farther north.  I don't know.

Last week when a few artifacts and cobs were found  the erosion was more on the front of the beach.  I have some thoughts on that to pass along, but don't feel like working on that today.  Hopefully I'll get to it in a day or two.

What I wanted to do today was to keep you up on beach developments.

This afternoon, the wind really picked up so maybe some places improved later.

Tomorrow there is supposed to be a six to nine foot surf, which is a little higher than today.  There are supposed to be increases the next two days also.

That is encouraging.

That's it for now.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a safe and blessed day.