Saturday, November 28, 2015

11/28/15 Report - Many Detectorists On Treasure Coast Saturday. Recent Finds. Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Still a 2.

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Here is a new Treasure Coast beach find.  It is shown as found.

See if you can guess what it is.

I'll show it cleaned in a future post.  I have it clean enough now that I know what it is.

John Brooks Beach Friday.
There were a lot of people metal detecting today.  It was a nice day on a holiday weekend so that is what you would expect.

I talked to one fellow from Texas.  I saw detectorists from other states too.

Some beaches filled back in some over night.  John Brooks and Frederick Douglas were very poor today.

The water was high Friday night.  It got almost to the dunes at both John Brooks and Frederck Douglas parks,   John Brooks is shown in the photo below.

Seaweed Washed Back Over The Beach.
Cobs have been found before on the flat beach at John Brooks after periods of high water.  When that happens there are usually also a good number of shells behind the berm.

Vero South Beach Friday.
Thanks to Frank R. for this photo.
Six To Seven Foot Cliff South of Turtle Trail Friday Morning.
There was at least six inches or a foot of new sand on the beach at Turtle Trail Friday morning.  The black sand was gone too.

Rio Mar deteriorated some over night.

There was a lot of chatter about Bon Steel Park the past couple of days.  When the water gets into the dunes there, cobs can wash out.  The water was high last night, which is what you want to see on the beaches there.  I didn't visit Bon Steel myself so can't give a personal evaluation, but it sounds like you should check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

The surf will diminish a little tonight and Sunday.  The wind is supposed to be a little more northerly though. That isn't all bad.

Silver Turquoise Bracelet Found by Robert H.
Photo by Robert H.
That's it for now.

Thanks to Frank R. and Robert H. for their submissions.

I'm sticking with my "2" beach detecting conditions rating for now.

Happy hunting,