Saturday, November 14, 2015

11/14/15 Report - Finds On An Inland Hunt. ID Help Requested. Surf Increasing On Treasure Coast

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Mystery Item.
What do you think it is?
As I said the other day, I was up north recently and did some detecting in an area that has a wooded path up a hillside that has been more or less continually used for hundreds of years.  Everything from Indian artifacts to yesterdays losses are found there.  That makes it difficult to tell what era unidentified finds might be from.

Here is one find that I'd like help in identifying.  The most obvious answer is drawer knob, although it is a little unusual for that.  For one thing, I think it is iron.  Another thing is that it is slanted oddly.

I'd like to hear your opinions on what it is.

Another item found along the path is this ring.  It is not silver or gold.  I think it is older and still needs some more cleaning.

The last ring I found on this path was a 1930s gold high school class ring.

I can not see how these stones are mounted.  I've looked at it under close magnification, but part of it is still encrusted.

It is a rather large size.  Too large to be a child's ring.  The band is broken and bent in.  It was in compacted rock and soil.

Copper coins found in this area are usually very corroded and many are unreadable.

Below are a few examples of that.

1939 Penny.
Totally Unreadable
Maybe Penny.
Barely Readable 1946 Nickle.

Here comes the exception.  The above coins were typical.  Not very readable.  Then comes this silver dime out of compact rock and soil just like it is shown.  I did not clean it or anything.

1957 Dime As Dug.
It still blows my mind.

This is the same general area where I found the 1829 large cent a year or so ago.

The silver Rosie would have about a dollar of melt value and a few dollars for collector value.

There were other finds.  I should have the good one ready for you soon.

There were a couple of things that struck me about this hunt.  One is that the path is not hunted out yet despite the number of times it has been detected, and not only by me.

The heavy weed coverage that protected the sides of the path in the spring was now gone.  That allowed me to detect where I couldn't easily detect then.  There is a seasonal aspect to hunting there.  Of course, the path will soon be covered by ice and snow.

Another thing that struck me, is how certain areas produced and others didn't.

On one side of the path there is a hump having a few inches of rock and soil over top of a layer of yellow clay.  The used part of the path is much lower, in some places a foot or so.  And on the other side of the path is a hill.  At the bottom of the hill on that side of the path, there were no targets other than junk. Old items were deeply buried beyond detector range there.


On the Treasure Coast the surf is increasing.  We're supposed to get something like five feet today and six tomorrow.

The wind was coming from the northeast or a while.

I hope to get out to see what is happening on the beach.

Happy hunting,