Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/21/15 Report - Spanish Finds Reported Made Last Week. Other Surface Finds. Difficulty of Historical Interpretation.

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Beach North of Seasgrape Trail This Morning Near Low Tide.
I got a report that a few Spanish items were found a few days ago.  Wednesday a hole opened up, but it didn't stay open long.  It was limited to a small area, and would have been easy to miss.  I was busy that day and was one of the people that missed it.

Sometimes I say that there could be a few good spots out there.  It happens that way.  Sometimes the beach won't look very promising, and then you walk a ways or go around a bend and find a good spot.  

This morning I didn't see much that looked good.  The hole that opened on Wednesday had filled in again.

Cut Found North of Seagrape Trail This Morning.
Notice the seaweed.  That shows that the beach has been filling in.

Yesterday afternoon I took a little walk to do some eye-balling.  One of the things I found was this Model T Ford brass hub cap cover from around 1913.  It is made for a wood wheel.

Then I found this small child on a chamber pot.

I didn't clean these finds off yet.

Unfortunately this figurine has no markings.  I would have expected to find some type of mark.

I also found an old milk bottle, marble, couple of coca cola bottles and a flask.

Its amazing how much stuff is out there, and you don't even need to have a metal detector to find it.

The hub cap is the oldest of the finds - about a hundred years old.


On the radio this morning about the first thing I heard was somebody talking about the "real" first Thanksgiving happening in St. Augustine.  It is something that you'll probably hear sometime this week.

I heard from a student that took history courses from the University of Florida professor that promotes this idea.  It seems that his purpose is to bring attention to Florida's long history.

I wouldn't generally recommend conflagrating holiday traditions with historic fact, but I can understand why it might be done and how it might be distorted by the media.

It is difficult enough to describe events that you directly observe.  We have to remember that historical interpretation is often based upon sketchy, scarce and sometimes ambiguous and possibly contradictory sources and does involve interpretation.  We need to remember that there is always some degree of uncertainty and imagination involved.

The easiest illustration I can think of is the three wise men we see in Christmas plays and manger scenes.

The Bible never says anything about "three" wise men.  That might shock you.  It does talk about wise men, but not three.

It mentions three types of gifts.  You know them.  But there is nothing that says that there were three wise men, or any other number of wise men.  That is how easy it is to jump to conclusions and make mistakes.


An eight foot surf is predicted for Thanksgiving.  We'll see how that develops.

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