Sunday, November 22, 2015

11/22/15 Report - Beach Predictions Look Encouraging. Aztec Goddesses and Christian Madonna Images: A Book.

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I'm getting hopeful about the predicted detecting conditions for later this week.  The predicted big surf has not disappeared yet, but not only is the prediction holding, got even bigger.  Right now we have a nine or ten foot surf predicted for Thursday through Saturday.  We might actually get some improvement in detecting conditions later this week.  The October erosion helped some and hasn't totally reversed yet.

Late Sunday afternoon the wind increased and began coming directly out of the north.  I checked online and the web site that I have on the front page of this blog, and it looks like the wind will be coming the same direction well into tomorrow.  I like the direction and strength even though the surf isn't supposed to be particularly high.

With Thanksgiving coming, you might want to go back and read about the famous Thanksgiving Day storm that produced so much treasure along the Treasure Coast in 1984.  There is a lot of really good information in that post.  That post talks about the 1984 storm and the factors that made it so productive.

Here is that link.


Here is a book that you might find interesting.  You can read a sample of it online.  The title is Aztec Godesses and Christian Madonnas: Images of the Divine Feminine in Mexico (2012).

Click on the title above to link to that book.


I have a few other topics on my mind but don't want to start them right now.

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