Monday, November 23, 2015

11/23/15 Report - Surf Predicted To Increase Up To Ten Feet This Week. Neat Little Shell, Watch For Improved Detecting Conditions.

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Found On Beach This Morning.

The beach is covered with all kinds of gems.  This little shell fits on my finger nail.  What a little beauty. There are millions of them out there if you take the time to look.

Just to show the size of that small shell, below is another picture of the same shell, this time on a penny.

If you know the name of this type of shell, I'd like to hear it.  Thanks in advance.

I went out this morning just to see what was going on.  I often go out to monitor conditions. Yesterday I mentioned how the wind changed. Even though the surf wasn't high I was still expecting to see some changes to the beach.

We got some cooler air.  I thought that was pleasant, especially for Thanksgiving.

There wasn't much erosion last night.  There was a little erosiion at a few spots.

The beach at John Brooks was very mushy.  You can see that beach below.  No erosion there.

One beach thas was nicely cut a couple of weeks ago had completed filled in.  That was a remarkable contrast.

John Brooks Beach This Morning.
The water had been up over the berm.  It was generally a bit higher last night.

One Small Cut On Another Treasure Coast Beach.
This cut was pretty high on the beach.  The cut itself was only about a foot high.

One thing to note here is that the cut was just south of a bend in the beach.  From what I've seen, that is where the cuts have mostly been occurring lately.

The north wind that I saw yesterday evening continued through today.

Here is the most interesting thing for me.

Surf Predictions For The Fort Pierce Area From the MagicSeaWeed Web Site.
You'll find the links to the MagicSeaWeed web site on the front page of my blog.

The prediction for a high surf this week is holding up extremely well.  It looks like it might actually happen this time.

Note that the peak surf is now predicted for Saturday.  If the predictions are correct, it will be building a little every day up until then.

If that kind of surf actually happens, we'll most likely see an improvement in beach detecting conditions at some point.  If the water gets high enough, some cobs might appear without any cutting, but I'm hoping for some good cutting too.

Since we have had some beach improvement not too long ago, that makes it slightly more likely that something good will happen this week.

That is it for today.  Keep watching the beaches.  As I said, the surf is supposed to increase up until Saturday.  I will be surprised if we do not get improved beach detecting conditions sometime this week.

Happy hunting,