Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/15 Report - Morgan Silver Dollar Find. Shipwrecks In Potomac. Lion Ring.

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1898 Silver Dollar.  No mint mark.

A couple of days ago I showed some finds from a recent hunt including some badly corroded coins along with a remarkably preserved silver dime.  The dime's condition surprised me a lot, but there was more to come.

Here is another find from the same hunt.  It was among the last of the finds.  There were some little artifacts, including lead bolts and lead pieces, but this was the last coin find.

In my experience, silver dollars finds are relatively rare.  I haven't dug many of them over the years, and none on Treasure Coast beaches.  In fact I've dug a lot more cobs than silver dollars.  Most silver dollars have been inland finds.

This one, like the 1957 dime, and very unlike the copper coins, is in very good condition as found. I did wipe it off a little.

This one was certainly a pleasant surprise.  It gave one big signal.

I was hoping to find some old silver coins.  The dime was a pleasant find, but this was even better.

It isn't worth a lot, but I was happy to find it anyway.  As happy as I was to find this coin, I'm still more intrigued by a bullet I found not far away.  I'll probably show it tomorrow or sometime soon. I have a lot of questions about the bullet and hope I can get some help with identification.


Roberto sent this photo pointing out the similarity between this ring and the one I posted a couple of days ago, which was not made of gold.

In my experience, lion rings must be among the top five most common figural ring designs.

Most often, again judging from my experience, the eyes are colored stone,s and a clear stone is in the mouth.  I don't know if there is any significance to that or if it just looks right.

If you know of any significance to the stones, please send me an email.


Hidden beneath the waters of the Potomac River are dozens of sunken ships known as a “ghost fleet” that sailed from the Revolutionary War to after World War I, and now, thanks…

Here is the link for the rest of that story.


On the Treasure Coast we'll have a 3 - 4 foot surf today and tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the wind will be out of the east.  I'm not expecting any significant improvement in beach conditions for at least a couple of days.

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