Wednesday, September 7, 2016

8/7/16 Report - State of Treasure Coast Beaches. Artifacts of the Mary Rose. Tenth Century Sword.

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Couple Detectorists At Wabasso
After High Tide Yesterday
The surf was supposed to be a bit higher yesterday.   I took a look at a few beaches to see what if anything was happening.  The waves were hitting almost directly from the east and I saw no erosion on the beaches that I visited.

Wabasso Beach Yesterday After High Tide.

Looking South From Turtle Trail Access After High Tide Yesterday.
I also saw a detectorist working near the Turtle Trail Access.  I had the impression that the detectorists that I saw yesterday were vacationers rather than locals.

Looking North From the Seagrape Access Yesterday After High Tide.
I looked at another beach besides those shown.  None of the beaches showed any erosion.  I didn't see any shells either.  It looked pretty much the same everywhere I looked yesterday.

The surf is supposed to be about the same today, maybe a bit smaller, and then get even smaller for a couple of days.

The disturbance I have been watching disappeared.  There is no weather to watch now except for another disturbance just coming off of Africa.


A skull and artifacts from the Mary Rose can now be studied as 3D models online.

Here is a link to an article about that.


A tenth century sword was found by goose hunters.  It was lying on the ground ready to be picked up.

Here is the link.


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