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9/23/16 Report - French Shipwreck Off Cape Canaveral. Drones. Living With An Artifact. And More.

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French Shipwreck Off Cape Canaveral.
Source: Daily Mail link below.

Not long ago I mentioned the Ribault survivor camp near Cape Canaveral.  A 16th century French shipwreck was found near there.

Here is a bit of the WESH news report.

...Just a couple of miles from Jetty Park, a popular swimming beach, divers found canons made of bronze and iron; anchors, crusted with marine growth; and the Fleur de Lis, along with a French coat of arms archaeologists call priceless. And maritime wreckage is around 400 years old.

Finders, working for the company Global Marine Exploration, said they’ve discovered the remains of what appear to be three French ships. The origin of the ships will be difficult to verify, they said.

The ships could be from the French colonial period on the Florida coast, around the year 1560, Global Marine Exploration archaeologist Jim Sinclair said. The ships may have sunk in a hurricane, he said...

And here is the link, which also provides a video showing, among other things, part of the wreck under water.


Ancient Roman ruins that lie hidden below the surface at the Apennine Mountains of Italy have largely escaped discovery because the rugged terrain makes them difficult to spot by foot and dangerous to find by airplane.

Now, using small airborne drones archaeologists have found that an ancient settlement in the Apennines was much more dense and organized than previously thought, a new study reveals. The study offered evidence that drones could help uncover more unknown sites in mountains worldwide...

Here is that link.

Sam's Club was selling what appeared to me to be decent drones not long ago for around four hundred dollars.   I don't remember the exact price.


You might be interested in the book Turquois Mosaic Art in Ancient Mexiko by Marshall Saville.  Mexico with a K is actually how it is spelled in the listing.

You can preview it online by clicking here.


Darrell Strickland said the following about the dagger that I posted not long ago.

I knew the owner and that was a long time ago. It did resell past few years. The owner, Jack Williams, is deceased, and not sure if Dana (son) is the one that relisted it.


A buried train trestle was uncovered by a construction crew.

Click here for the video.


When you live with an artifact for a while, it seems to change with you.  It amazes me how after many years an old object can take on new meaning.

Sometimes you run across more information or see pictures or something that relates to the object. Other times it just seems like you just get a new feeling about what it might be or where it came from.  That can happen over a period of many years.  That amazes me sometimes.  I guess it is just everything coming together to lead you to a new idea or perception.

I have mystery items that I haven't positively identified after a period of years and years, but as time goes by I generally tend to get a feeling about what the item most likely is.  I still wait hoping to see something that proves to my satisfaction one way or another, and sometimes that happens, but more often than not, it is a matter of some level of confidence rather than proof.  Nonetheless, the process is fascinating to me.


Karl is a tropical storm once again.  It still doesn't seem to be headed this way though.  Neither is Lisa.

We'll be having a two to four foot surf for a few days.

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